This episode and interview is with the founder of Dave’s Travel Corner. We chat about how to grow your website into a brand through content strategy, how to use a niche to jumpstart your travel writing career and the proper way to pitch an editor.

David Thompson began his travel writing career after a life-changing trip to Nepal when he was in college, where he trekked near the Everest Base Camp. It was the notes from his trip to Nepal that became the basis for his website; Dave’s Travel Corner. Today his website is one of the premier resources for international travel with over 5,000 pages of content and an impressive list of contributing writers. Join us as Dave shares his tips about breaking into travel writing, how to pitch an editor and his favorite networking opportunities for travel writers and photographers.

002: How to Pitch an Editor & Grow Your Personal Brand with David Thompson

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More About Dave: David’s love of writing and photography and new found love for travel were combined in 1996 to create his travel website: Dave’s Travel Corner. He is the author of ‘The Freeways of Los Angeles’ In 2006, he launched the Napa Wine Project with the goal to visit, taste with and write about every winery in Napa Valley, California. He has now completed more than 760 visits.

Join us to hear what he has to say on episode 2 of Break Into Travel Writing.

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • Dave’s trip to Nepal and his hike to 16,000 feet.
  • How hardships in life and travel can create stronger friendships and bonds.
  • How travel opens you up to experience new cultures, cuisine, religions and geography.
  • How he grew his brand because he was an early adopter and through content strategy.
  • David’s tips to honing in photography skills.
  • Napa Valley Wine Project.
  • How Los Angeles freeways are connected to pop culture and music.
  • David’s favorite ways to drive traffic to his website.
  • And loads more!

David is a licensed tour guide, published author as well as founder and editor of Dave’s Travel Corner. He is also founded the Napa Valley Wine Project, which he calls his passion project. The mission of the wine project is to promote Napa wines with reviews and photography.

David also shares his insights on how to break into travel writing and photography. Some of the main points we discuss are:

  • How to use a niche to jumpstart your travel writing career.
  • Tips to get a FAM (familiarization trip).
  • How to reach out to established websites to build your travel writing brand.
  • His favorite travel organizations and conferences.
  • How to grow your connections and get press trips with Travel Massive.
  • How to become a contributing writer for Dave’s Travel Corner.
  • Advice to pitch an editor.
  • David’s tips to break into travel writing.

There’s plenty more David shares on today’s show on that same subject – and offers great insights! One of my favorites is, “You get out what you put in” and “In person networking — those relationships are the absolute most important in this field”. Be sure to listen to hear what he has to say about pitching an editor and how to get your travel career going. Have a listen to get the inside scoop, and then join me in thanking David for being here! And thank you as well. We’ll see you next time!

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