My guest today is Paula Froelich;  the editor-at-large for Yahoo travel and host of the video series, A Broad Abroad. Paula was a columnist as well as Deputy Editor for Page Six of the New York Post. She was a senior writer at Newsweek and has also written for Playboy, Marie Claire, Digiday and The Daily Beast.

In today’s episode, Paula and I talk about how to find your voice as a writer. As Paula says, “If you aren’t being you in your writing, who are you?” [click to tweet]


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The Finer Details of Episode 50 with Paula Froelich!

In this episode Paula shares  how to develop your story lead and why you must know how to grab the reader in the first two sentences of an article.  In this episode we also discuss:

    • Why you should turn the camera around and learn to see the story others aren’t seeing.
    • How she became a part of the Yahoo Travel relaunch.
    • How to develop your own voice as a writer.
    • How she landed a feature for Playboy.
    • Paula’s writing process.
    • If you can’t grab someone in the first two sentences of an article, why bother! [Click To Tweet]
    • How to develop your lead.
    • Why you should think of the most interesting point of your story to use as the lead.
    • The importance of training for journalists (and it doesn’t have to be at University).
    • Why blogging is more about opinion.
    • Why you need to write the way you talk. [Click To Tweet]
    • Why people should be able to do everything but smell the destination on your page. [Click To Tweet]
    • Don’t be precious. Be brave enough to edit!
    • Why you must be interesting and interested to be a good writer.
    • The importance of editing and why it can even be a friend with good editing skills.
    • The proper way to submit an article.
    • Why you must never be cliche.
    • Why must you find your own voice, be unique and keep at it.
    • Its more about listening than navel gazing your thoughts.

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and please join me in thanking Paula for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips! And thank you as well for visiting. We’ll see you next time!


If you aren’t being you in your writing, who are you? Words of wisdom from @Pfro via @writetotravel podcast #travelblogger #travel [Click To Tweet]

Don’t be precious. Be brave enough to edit! via @Pfro on the @writetotravel podcast #travelblogger #travel [Click to Tweet]

Paula’s #1 piece of advice for travel writers and bloggers. Read! [Click To Tweet]

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Interview with travel writer Paula Froelich

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