Are you looking for the best freelance gigs for travel writers? If you have travel stories to tell and want to add additional income to your travel blogging bank, there are a lot of markets that pay. If you want to share your stories about the places you have traveled, travel tips, and your experiences on the road check out these magazines and websites that pay for travel writing.

When you dream about your travel writing career, do you imagine yourself hiking Machu Picchu, on safari in Africa, or sipping a Mai Tai in the Caribbean? Maybe wandering the streets of Paris, where you stop at a cafe for a coffee and draft an article about your world travels?

The below listings have been updated for 2022.

Get published and paid for your travel writing

Before we get to the list. You might be asking yourself why you should write for other publications if you already have a website or blog.

  • Reason #1: There are many print publications that pay. If you haven’t monetized your website or want to add additional income to your travel writing account, writing for print will help.
  • Reason #2: Writing for print or other online websites that pay help to diversify your income streams. What if your big affiliate closes it’s doors tomorrow and that stream of income dried up?
  • Reason #3: For 90% of us, adding additional outlets in addition to your website or blog will land you more media trips.

Here are 50+ Print and Online publishers who pay:

(All of the links below are clickable, so check out all the options!)

  1. 21st Century Adventures
  2. b.inspired in flight for Brussels Airlines
  3. Budget Travel Contact:
  4. Canadian Geographic Magazine Contact:
  5. Condé Nast Traveler
  6. Cruising World Magazine
  7. Departures Magazine website magazine from American Express.
  8. Directions from Design Hotels
  9. Emirates Airline Open Sky Magazine Contact:
  10. Escapees Magazine Contact:
  11. Explore
  12. Fodors Contact:
  13. Gadling Contact: Full list of editors and writers here. You can also try their contact form.
  14. GoNomad Contact: & full guidelines here.
  15. Hawaiian Airlines Hana Hou! Magazine Contact: or
  16. Hit the Road
  17. In the Know Contact:
  18. International Living 
  19. Intrepid Travel
  20. Journey Woman
  21. Kansas Magazine
  22. Literary Traveler Contact:
  23. Los Angeles Times
  24. Lost Girls World Contact: See guidelines here for department contacts & full guidelines here.
  25. Lovetripper
  26. Mabuhay Magazine inflight magazine of Philippine Airlines & published by Ink.
  27. Matador Network Contact: & Read their guidelines and submit articles here.
  28. National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  29. Northwest Magazines Contact: & see full listing here.
  30. Outpost Magazine
  31. Outside Magazine Read their guidelines here.
  32. Perceptive Travel
  33. Pology
  34. Practical Wanderlust Send your pitch directly to
  35. Road and Travel Magazine
  36. Rova road tripping
  37.  Southwest Airlines 
  38. Student Traveler
  39. Sunset Magazine Contact:
  40. Tales of Asia
  41. Tango Diva
  42. The Expeditioner Contact:
  43. The Travel Junkie
  44. The Travel MagazineTransitions Abroad Contact:
  45.  Travel and Leisure Contact: go here and click the link under “Editorial Submissions”.
  46. Travel Belles Contact:
  47. Verge Magazine Contact: & read their full guidelines here.
  48. Uncommon Path from REI
  49. United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine Contact:
  50. Wanderlust Contact: Editor: Dan Linstead Editor-in-chief: Lyn Hughes
  51. Wend Contact: & specific departments listed here.
  52. Wings Magazine Editor contact: Jon Robinson|
  53. World Hum Contact: & full guidelines here.

Since publications go in and out of business quickly these days, please leave a comment below if you find that any of the links above don’t work or don’t lead you to the writer’s guidelines.

Bottom Line

Ask yourself why you’re doing this. Some publications pay well enough to live on… others, not so much.

Some give great exposure. Others provide valuable links for SEO (and traffic).

What do you look for when writing for travel publications? What advice can you provide?

If you find any of the above links aren’t current please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list. Also, please leave any additional publications you know of that are currently paying.

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If you want to share your stories about the places you have traveled, travel tips and your experiences on the road check out these magazines and websites that pay for travel writing. #travelblog #travelblogger #travelwriter

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