The best way to sell with affiliate links is to share a first-hand account of your experience with a product or service. That is why this affiliate program is only open to Academy members. As an official affiliate, you will receive 75% of all affiliate sales when a new member signs up. You also have a 30-day cookie for sales. That means, if someone visits your site and clicks on any of your affiliate links and the traveler buys within the next 30 days, the sales is credited to you.

Below are some ideas for titles and text for a blog post you can create to share the Travel Writers Academy and your affiliate link. If you want photos of me or from Academy media trips please email me and I’ll forward them.

My suggestion is to tell your story.

Share the following by customizing the sample blog text to fit your personal story

  1. Why you joined the academy.
  2. How the Academy works (The Private Members Only Portal, Monthly Calls, Monthly Challenges, Media Trips, 1-1 Calls and any other favorite aspects of the Academy. This is the area to share value of what the Academy offers).
  3. Your favorite aspects of the academy (Google Hangouts, The Community/Secret Facebook Group, Monthly Challenges, Website Audit, 30 Days to Become a Travel Writer E-Book, Quarterly 1-1 Calls, Media Trips, Yearly Mastermind, Mentorship or any other aspect of the academy you find most valuable)
  4.  A Win that you attribute to the Academy (Launching your website, First Media Trip, Social Media Growth, Connecting with PR, Growing Web Traffic or any other personal win.)

Travel Academy Affiliate Swipe Files

Title Suggestions:

How to Become a Travel Writer
How to Become a Travel Writer & Land Your First Media Trip
Why a Travel Coach Can Jumpstart Your Travel Writing Career
Why a Mentor Can Jumpstart Your Travel Writing Career
How My Travel Writing Career Took Off

Sample Blog Post

I know a portion of you reading my blog are interested in travel writing as well as travel. I launched my travel website in XXXX, but I didn’t feel like I had all the pieces in place. I belonged to a few Facebook groups, but I didn’t feel like I had a community to bounce ideas off or to ask questions about travel writing. I had also heard about other travel bloggers getting media trips (these are trips where destinations, hotels or tour groups invite you to come on a trip for free), but I didn’t know how to find them. I was frustrated about how to move my travel website forward and get more traffic and how to find media trips. I felt like I didn’t even know what to ask or what I didn’t know.

That is when I made the decision to find a mentor. I had recently stumbled upon the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast. Alexa Meisler is the host and she also runs a mentorship program called the Travel Writers Academy (your affiliate link in bold text). I decide to join the Academy because ____________________________________.

The Travel Writers Academy (your affiliate link in bold text) is an exclusive group of travel writers and bloggers who love to travel and share their travel stories by writing articles or blog posts about their adventures. The Academy membership is open to writers and bloggers in all aspects of the journey to becoming a successful travel writer. Some join who are at the very beginning of the journey and want to learn how to launch their website.  Other members have launched their website and join for because they want a great community, which we have in our secret Facebook group. In this group we share media trip announcements, travel PR contacts and can ask any questions about travel or travel writing.  Some join because of the mentorship from Alexa and others want to learn how to land media trips.

Here is how it works: The Travel Writers Academy (your affiliate link in bold text) is a monthly or yearly subscription. When you join, you will recieve an eamil from Alexa with all the details about your membership and login information for the private Academy Membership Portal and the Facebook group.

One of the aspects of the Academy I love is that you have direct access to Alexa, not only in the Facebook group, but in our monthly Google Hangouts as well as the quartely 1-1 calls.  When you join you also get Alexa’s “30 Days to Become a Travel Writer” E-Book for free and invitations to Academy Media Trips and a Yearly Mastermind. If I had to choose, I have to say that _______________________________ is my favorite part of the Travel Writers Academy because ______________________________________________.

I’ve been a member of Alexa’s Travel Writer’s Academy for ______________ and recently signed up for her affiliate program for the Academy. To be 100% up front, I will earn a commission if you join. I should also share that her affiliate program is only open to Academy members and the reason I am sharing this post is because I have gained so much from this mentorship and program.

The plus for you, if you are thinking of joining, is that you will also be able to become an affiliate for her program. So, not only will you have all the mentorship benefits of the academy, but you can also make affiliate income.

And here is what happened since I’ve joined: Since I joined the academy, I have ____________________________________________________________________ .

What does this mean for you? Well, The Travel Writers Academy (your affiliate link in bold text) is an opportunity for you to join an exclusive mentoring program where you have direct access to Alexa, who is the founder of the travel website 52 Perfect Days and the host of the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast. If you want to know more about Alexa, I suggest you listen to her first podcast episode where she shares her story or you can learn more on her About Page.

The bottom line: I highly recommend joining The Travel Writers Academy (your affiliate link in bold text) and to make it even better, if you use my affiliate link (your affiliate link in bold text) to join you will receive a FREE Website Audit as a part of your membership. The Website Audit is a video audit by Alexa where she reviews your website and gives tons of great suggestions for updates, better user experience and ways to increase page views from your readers. This alone is a huge value!

Do you have questions? Feel free to send me an email at I’d be happy to answer your questions and let you know if you are a good fit for the Academy.

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