This is Step 1
of the Aspiring Travel Writer of the Week guidelines. For full guidelines visit:

Step 1: Submit a travel article to my travel blog, You can submit an original article or it may be repurposed. If it has already been published on another website I ask you provide a new title as well as re-write the first and last paragraph to make it more unique. Your article will be published on an upcoming Thursday.

Requirements: Anyone can submit an article to 52Perfectdays. To be considered for the Aspiring Travel Writer of the week, you need to have been blogging, writing or taking photos for less than 2 years or have less than 10,000 unique views to your website per month.

Article Guidelines: Minimum 800 words. The main theme of the articles are how to spend a perfect day in a location and you can focus on any category (food, culture, adventure and so on). Or you can write a piece that is more generalized for the readers stories, or tips (52 tips if you visit X) or a hotel review.

Minimum 3 photos. Also please include a photo and a short bio of yourself that we can include. Also, if the article has been published on another site, please give me the URL.

Submit! Email your article, photos and bio to alexa at

What to expect: A featured article on, a link back to your website and lots of social media love and tags.

Step 2: Submit your ATW Feature Q&A