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Blog Name & Start Date: Sarah Eaton launched One Less Rat in May 2016

Bio: I am a Part-Time Blogger (aspiring to go full time eventually). Currently, I work in Music Management. I have been writing for pleasure for many years but started my blog in May. I plan my own itineraries but would also be open to media trips in the future. One Less Rat is a travel blog written by a first-time traveler from the UK who has decided to ditch their desk in 2016 and go and see the world. The concept behind the name is the escape from the rat race; leaving behind a stable 9-5 job, a comfortable life and heading out on a new adventure. It’s a nod to the fact that there’s once less person sitting at their desk wishing they were out there seeing the world.  I grew up in St. Annes, a little seaside town in the north of England. After that, I went off to University in Liverpool and then moved to Saltaire, a World Heritage site near Bradford. My travel highlights include walking along the Great Wall of China, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland and exploring the offerings of Transylvania. 

Where do you call home? St. Annes, Lancashire, UK.

Countries Visited: 22+ (with many more planned in the next year and a half)

Continents Visited: 4 (again, with plans to go to more)

Top 5 destinations on my travel to do list: Vietnam, Croatia, Turkey, New Orleans, Bhutan

Earliest travel memory: Heading to Andalucia, Spain as a young child on her first trip on a plane.

Favorite Travel Blogger: The Broke Backpacker

Favorite Travel Blog/s or Website/s:

The trip that turned me from a vacationer to a traveler: When I ventured to China, I knew I had to see more of the world. It was a trip of such adventure, intrigue and culture shock; I knew I had to travel more, further and longer. It took a while for my long term travel plans to come to fruition but in September 2016 I will set off round the world with no return planned.

The trip that turned me into a travel blogger: After a recent trip to Budapest I wrote a review for an online website competition. I felt such passion about my recent travels and was so inspired; I found it a highly enjoyable process. Since then I have been compelled to write more and create a blog to document my travels. I want to share my passion and inspire other to see all the world has to offer.

My first steps to become a travel blogger: I started writing to document my travels for my own pleasure but when sharing with friends and family, I received such positive feedback about my style I decided to start my own blog. The brand of “One Less Rat” came as a title to reflect my own personal journey from my 9-5 job to a travelling lifestyle.

The social media platform driving the most traffic to my site is: Twitter

If only I had the time, I’d do/finish…… :  I would work more on my SEO and driving traffic to my site. But first I want to concentrate on quality content so people will return and follow my journey.

My top tip for aspiring travel writers and bloggers! It’s hard work and can take a lot of time but with effort and determination, you can make it. Don’t give up!

Top travel tip for travelers: Go for it! Cast aside your fears and embrace the adventure.

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