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BITW 007: How to Impress a Travel Editor with Adam Seper of BootsnAll

Adam at Volcan Villarrica; one of Chile's most active volcanoes

Adam at Volcan Villarrica; one of Chile’s most active volcanoes

Learn how Adam Seper turned one submission to BootsnAll into a gig as a weekly columnist and then a full time career as the Editor of the BootsnAll Travel Network.  Before BootsnAll Adam did what many of us dream about; he took a year off with his wife to travel the world. It was on this trip that he realized how much he enjoyed writing for pleasure.  He combined his travel experiences with his rekindled passion for writing and a travel writer was born.

More About Adam:
Today’s guest went from teacher to a around the world traveler. Once home from his gap year and while looking for a job he pitched a few articles to BootnsAll and they were accepted. This was the beginning of his travel writing career.  This was also perfect alignment with Adam’s recent RTW (round the world) trip because BootnsAll is all about long term indie travel. This means throwing yourself into a culture with the intent to learn more about yourself and the world through travel.  Adam took a leap of faith and attended a Tbex conference with the sole purpose of meeting Sean Keener, the CEO of BootsnAll and walked away with a full time writing gig which led to his current position as editor.

Join us to hear what he has to say on 7th episode of Break Into Travel Writing.

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • How Adam spent only $25 a night for accommodations on his RTW trip.
  • Why Columbia is Adam’s favorite place visited during his RTW trip.
  • How much it cost for a one year RTW trip.
  • Why Indie travel allows you to grow as a person.
  • The purpose of BootsnAll is to help people get on the road and travel.
  • And loads more!

Adam also shares his insights on how to break into travel writing. Some of the main points we discuss are:

  • You have to write, write, write when you get started.
  • Why starting your own travel blog forces you to learn the business side of travel writing.
  • How to submit to BootsnAll.
  • How to impress Adam and guarantee he’ll read your pitch.
  • Amazing tips for any writer to know before you pitch your next story.
  • Who Jennifer Miller is and why studying her work is the #1 tip to pitch a story to BootsnAll.
  • Adam’s tips to break into travel writing.

Be sure to listen to hear what he has to say about what an editor is really looking for from a travel writer and how to get your travel career going. There’s plenty more Adam shares on today’s show on that same subject – and offers great insights! One of my favorites is, “The world would be a better place if more people traveled!

Be sure to listen to hear his bonus tips for pitching an editor including his #1 tip to get an editor to open your email. Have a listen to get the inside scoop, and then join me in thanking Adam for being here! And thank you as well.

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Podcast 07 Interviewing Adam Seper of BootsnAll

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