Gina Samarotto is a lifelong New Yorker.  She has combined two passions; design and journalism into one unique brand and specializes in luxury travel and lifestyle.  In this episode she shares “How to Break into Luxury Travel Writing”. She is a senior editor with Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine and Private Air New York Magazine and also writes for eHow, SheKnows, SFGate, Italy Traveller, Off Beat Travel and more. In the past several months, Gina’s jetted off to Switzerland, Ibiza, London, Bermuda, Hawaii, Brazil, Italy and France on luxury travel assignments.  Find out her inside secrets to build a successful travel writing career on the 12th episode of Break Into Travel Writing.

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012: How to Break into Luxury Travel Writing with Gina Samarotto 

Gina with Chef Paco Roncero in Ibiza

Gina with Chef Paco Roncero in Ibiza

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • Definition of luxury travel.
  • Why you need to take at least 100 photos to assure you get one great picture.
  • How Gina uses Lightbox to edit her photos.
  • Why the most valuable website a writer can have is their own blog.
  • How to make yourself alluring to a travel editor.
  • The perks of solo travel.
  • Why a clip is worth more than a paycheck when you are starting out.
  • The importance of seeking the nuances of a location to have a fresh point of view with your travel story.
  • And loads more!

Gina broke into travel writing by using her background in interior design to approach travel writing with a unique niche and has never looked back. She shares her many insights on how to break into travel writing and photography. Some of the main points we discuss are:

  • How to work with a travel editor.
  • What to do so a travel editor never looks for another writer.
  • Gina’s method for finding media and FAM trips.
  • How to cold pitch magazines.
  • Why you should start with local publications to build your clips.
  • Why a clip is worth more than a paycheck when you are starting out.
  • How to choose the right travel conference to attend.

There’s plenty more Gina shares on today’s show on that same subject – and offers great insights! One of my favorites is, “If you write about what you are interested in you will produce better work”. Be sure to listen to hear what she has to say on the importance of finding the “Zebra in a Herd of Horses” to get your travel career going. Have a listen to get the inside scoop, and then join me in thanking Gina for being here!

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Hope you enjoyed this episode on “How to Break into Luxury Travel Writing” with Gina Samarotto. Please join me in thanking her for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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How to Break into Luxury Travel Writing with Gina Samarotto

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