Today’s guest is an Artist, Photographer, drummer, singer and business owner. He owns and operates ZD Design Agency – a company that focuses on online strategy and internet marketing optimization for small businesses. What does that mean you ask? He designs and develops websites for businesses as well as offering strategy and implementation of SEO and Social Media Marketing.  on this episode Todd Meisler explains why every travel writer needs a website and some great resources to get your website up quickly.

Todd beer tasting on our Media Visit to Oceanside

Todd beer tasting on our Media Visit to Oceanside

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The Finer Details of Episode 26 with Todd Meisler! He shares ………..

  • Why you’ll get more media trips with a website.
  • Why having an online presence is a necessity if you want to be found.
  • That is you work with Godaddy, they will do your WordPress Install.
  • Why wordpress is the most user friendly website platform.
  • How to pick a theme based on functionality, look and feel.
  • How to set a budget for your website.
  • How to get all web graphics done for under $40.
  • How to use your website to sell products.
  • Why an email capture is the golden nugget of a website.
  • How to automate email.
  • Why you should be wary of Craigslist for finding a web designer.
  • That you have to get out there if you want to compete in the travel writing market.

Todd also breaks down the steps it takes to get a website up and going! Below are the basic steps, but make sure to listen to the episode to hear all the details to start your online presence!

  • Step 1: Define the type of site you want. Research and look at other sites, take notes and make your checklist.
  • Step 2: Do you want to promote yourself or start a brand?
  • Step 3: Decide how to build your website.
  • Step 4:Wireframe the site (create a sitemap).
  • Step 5: Create content
  • Step 6: Create a logo and header
  • Step 7: Create or gather all graphics
  • Step 8: Determine how to capture emails.
  • Step 9: Set goals of website.

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Episode Interviewing Todd Meisler

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