Today’s guest, Katherine Belarmino is a paralegal by day with a travel blogger alter-ego. She has mastered keeping up a full time presence as a travel writer (with not one but two blogs; Travel the World as well as Passports and cocktails) and is co-host of travel massive San Diego. For anyone out there who is working part time or full time and want to know how you can travel more and start your own blog I can’t think of anyone better to learn from than today’s guest.

Katherine and Romeo in Denmark

Katherine and Romeo in Denmark

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The Finer Details of Episode 29 with Katherine Belarmino! She shares ………..

  • How sharing the itinerary from one trip launched her travel blogging career.
  • Why you should think long and hard about your URL before creating your blog.
  • When it’s right co-blog on a website.
  • Why creating a blogging schedule will keep you writing consistently.
  • How she has traveled consistently for 13 years while working full time.
  • How to maximize travel writing when working full time.
  • Why she books trips based on airfare and not location.
  • How she started being invited on media trips.
  • How attending the San Diego Travel and Adventure Show helped her blog.
  • Why blogging should be looked at as a team effort and why the blogging community needs to support each other.
  • How she networks on social media.
  • How to get a tourism board to promote your article on their Facebook page!

Katherine also shares tons of great information to help your travel writing or blogging career! She opens up about how she has grown her social media accounts so quickly and why her following strategy is considered controversial by many bloggers. Some of the main points we discuss are:

  • How she grew her Twitter account to 14k followers.
  • How to use to help automate posts.
  • Why you need to post photos on Twitter.
  • How she automates Instagram.
  • Why she thinks Pinterest is crucial for travel bloggers.
  • What you need to know about Pinterest group boards.
  • The secret to creating the perfect pin.
  • Why she loves her Sony NEX3 mirrorless camera.
  • Why you shouldn’t take a picture, but instead take a great picture.
  • If you are just starting out as a blogger why you need to find a community.

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 How To Launch a Travel Writing Career While Working Full Time with Katherine Belarmino

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