Today’s guest is the owner of Girlrilla, a marketing and operations firm based in San Diego, CA. She also publishes a travel and lifestyle blog called The Funthusiast, focusing on living a Southern California lifestyle and traveling the world.  Raised in a family of hustlers and adventurers, her motto is to always “Live Life On Your Terms.  Nicole was also interviewed on episode 032. She and I met on a media trip to Loreto, Mexico and on our last day of the trip I interviewed her and eight other bloggers from the trip in the airport.

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The Finer Details of Episode 39 with Nicole Diaz! In this episode Nicole explains how blogging opened the door to her freelancing day job and why travel is freedom as well as addicting. Nicole also shares why you must carve out time daily to work on your blog! In this episode we also discuss:

  • Why you must consider your blog part of your job.
  • How to use VA’s (virtual assistants) and delegate tasks.
  • How to find VA’s on Linkedin.
  • How a VA can most help a travel blogger.
  • The importance of creating a social media and blogging schedule.
  • The importance of setting up a content calendar.
  • Why not having a content calendar will leave you dead in the water.
  • Using Google Calendar for scheduling.
  • How to use Pinterest for web traffic.
  • Why Nicole pins 30 photos a day on Pinterest.
  • How to use Tailwind to automate Pinterest posts.
  • The best time of day to pin on Pinterest.
  • How to use share ladders to promote content.
  • Why posting links to your own content on your social media accounts won’t be beneficial.
  • How to use StumbleUpon for web traffic.
  • Why you should add a “related posts” widget at the end of your blog posts.
  • Why G+ is dead in the water, but G+ communities are still worth the effort.
  • Why a FAM trip can mean a curated experience.
  • Why Nicole likes to plan her own media trips.
  • How to make additional income with sponsored content.
  • Why you should never write a post around an affiliate link.
  • Why 20,000 page views is a key stat to hit with your blog.
  • Why you should re-use and re-purpose older content.
  • How to join blogger networks to earn income as an influencer.
  • Why you should join Blogger Bridge for influencer opportunities.
  • The optimal # of posts a day for Instagram.
  • Why it’s important to know your goals and not let social media be intimidating.
  • What is your ‘why’ for starting a travel blog.
  • Why you have to treat your travel blog as a business.

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Chris Ducker
Chris Christensen
Darren Rowse

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Interview of How To Snag Your First Influencer Campaign with Nicole Diaz.

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