Joe Robison is the founder of Green Flag Digital, an Inbound Marketing and SEO consultancy based in Austin, TX that focuses on the travel industry. He is the former Director of Marketing at a travel tour company and has worked in the digital marketing industry for the past five years. In this episode, Joe shares great SEO tips for travel bloggers!

Joe in Chicago

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The Finer Details of Episode 40 with Joe Robison! In this episode Joe answers questions about SEO for travel bloggers and shares some easy ways to implement SEO into your blogging schedule. In this episode Joe answers the following questions: 

  1. They say Klout is dead since Lithium bought it and Google Rank no longer matters and has been replaced by the Moz domain authority rank.
  2. Domain Authority overview. What is a good rank and does it differ by industry?
  3. Moz rank is between 1-10, what’s a good rank and does it differ by industry?
  4. Is “Moz Trust” different than the “Moz Rank”?
  5. What numbers actually matter at the moment to PR and marketing in your experience?

WordPress & Meta Data

  1. Can you explain a bit about alt text, description and title? (The fields to fill in for images in WordPress) style=”text-align: left;”>What about meta description & title tag in the WP post?Are there other important fields to fill out in WP?
  2. Best WP plugins for SEO.
  3. My random social media question. What do you think is going to happen to Google plus?
  4. How to use content to amplify SEO.
  5. The affects that SEO has on content marketing, and vice versa
  6. The tools you need to measure your success.

I asked travel bloggers on the The Aspiring Travel Writers, The Business of Blogging and Travel Writers Academy Facebook Groups what they wanted to know about SEO. Here are there questions. Joe answers these questions and more on episode 40!

  1. Outside of social media platforms themselves, are hashtags effective for improving your site/post’s SEO? Ex:#FamilyTravel vs Family Travel as a label/metadata.” SEO is a mystery to me and this is a question that continually circulates my brain.
    Question from: Rob Taylor
  2. What about hashtags on Facebook? Is there no point in using them? Question from: Menorca Chaturvedi
  3. Can he explain backlinks and if / how they improve seo. Question from: Susan Decoteau-Ferrier
  4. What are the current hot trends in travel-related keywords? Question from: Karen Misuraca
  5. How often do does Google penalize for duplicate content? Question from: Max Hartshorne
  6. Many travel blogs allow you to submit previously published content. So, Is it ok to post the same blog post on more than one site? (Follow up question)
  7. Let’s say I start a new site. I have content from an old site that I would like to transfer over. But the old pages are still receiving traffic, and sometimes ranked well. Is there any way to transfer the content without losing ranking? Or to add content to a new site without being flagged as duplicate? Question from: Dan Vineberg
  8. I have three questions that are somewhat similar.
    What are some good resources to learn about getting started in SEO if you know absolutely nothing about it? from 
    Dani Blanchette and Sid Seymour has a similar question – what are the three most important things for a person to do starting out that has no idea of seo! And Chris Backe asked “How would they spend their time to optimize their site if they had, say, five hours a week to spend on it”.
  9. Now that the market is saturated with websites that are culturally related (compared to late 90’s) how can a blogger stand out? What can we do with SEO?  Question from: George ‘Urban Jibaro’ Torres and Lindsay Pecosh had a similar question, which is “With tons of travel sites and travel-related blogs, how can we differentiate ourselves and ourselves in the realm of SEO if most people are utilizing the same type of terms for their SEO – i.e. travel, travel blog, etc.

Episode Resources
SoCal Marketing Club
Bing Webmaster Tools
Moz Tool Bar
Google Page Rank
WP Analytics Plugin
SEM Rush
Google Keyword Tool
Google Trends
Matt Cutt’s Youtube Video on Duplicate Content
Duplicate Content resource on Moz
Rel Canonical
Quick Sprout Beginners Guide to SEO

People Mentioned on this episode:
Ross Hudgens
John Gagnon
Mel Carson
Rand Fishkin
Matt Cutts
Mari Smith
Neil Pattel
Brian Dean

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Joe Robison’s Website; Green Flag Digital
Joe Robison on Twitter

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 SEO 101 For Travel Bloggers with Joe Robison

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