Amanda Mouttaki and I talk about how she has grown her blog, how to use Pinterest properly, and how to prepare for Tbex.

Amanda Mouttaki is an American Expat living in Morocco. She is the owner of a fearless guide to food and travel and co-owns Marrakesh Food Tours. She is the Managing Editor of Journey Beyond Travel.  She also regularly writes freelance articles on the topics of travel, Morocco, and ex-pat life and works directly with several clients as their social media manager.

Amanda Ponzio Mouttaki on morocco

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How to Prepare for Tbex and Pinterest Pointers

In this episode, Amanda explains shares her tips to make the most out of your Tbex experience. She also shares some great Pinterest board tips that bring her 90% of her social traffic!

In this episode we also discuss:

  • Importance of traveling with your kids.
  • How Amanda learns about a culture and place through food.
  • How Marrakesh Food Tours was created based on watching tourists eat in ‘tourist traps’.
  • Why you should never eat at a restaurant with an English menu in Morocco.
  • You never know what will happen, if you don’t put yourself out there.
  • How to properly pitch an editor.
  • When working with an editor, it’s all about the details.

    Pinterest Tips for Travel Bloggers

  • How to create a hidden image for Pinterest on your blog post.
  • Why you must pin each image to all of your boards that are relevant.
  • Why you need one Pinterest board devoted to your blog.
  • How to organize your Pinterest boards.
  • Why top eight Pinterest boards must be organized strategically.
  • Why Pinterest has the highest purchasing power of all social platforms.
  • Why followers on Pinterest isn’t as important anymore.

    Tbex Tips for First Time Bloggers

  • How to prepare for Tbex as a first-timer.
  • How to prepare your elevator pitch for Tbex.
  • How to prepare for Tbex if you don’t have a blog yet.
  • Meeting other bloggers is the biggest bonus at Tbex.
  • Speed networking tips.
  • How to prepare your pitch and craft your speed networking conversation.
  • How to connect with the sponsors if you didn’t get accepted for speed networking.
  • Why it’s not the right time to seal the deal during speed networking.
  • Why Google stalking before Tbex is a good idea.
  • Great tips for follow-up after Tbex.
  • Why it’s valuable to know your blogs biggest weakness and how to use this to your advantage

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and please join me in thanking Francis for being here! And thank you as well. We’ll see you next time!


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How to Prepare for Tbex and Pinterest Pointers with Amanda Mouttaki
How to Prepare for Tbex and Pinterest Pointers with Amanda Mouttaki

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