Today is all about the best Facebook methods for travel bloggers. My guest is Gary Griffiths and he is the founder and CEO of ThreeSides; a Facebook marketing agency that designs, creates, optimizes, and manages people’s Facebook marketing. In this episode, Gary shares great Facebook tips for travel bloggers!

Gary Griffiths Facebook Expert

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The Finer Details of Episode 43 with Gary Griffiths! In this episode Gary answers questions about Facebook for travel bloggers and shares some great strategies to increase engagement with Facebook organically and with a small budget.

In this episode you will learn that your success on Facebook really boils down to understanding your target audience and then posting relevant, engaging, educational and inspiring content. Bottom line: the more relevant, engaging, educational and inspiring the post the more it will be shared and the higher chance of it being shared by Facebook

Below are a few questions from me that Gary answers: 

    1. Why is Facebook so difficult to grow these days? I feel like the only answer we get is algorhythm. Is there anything else?
    2. Is it better to share a post from your biz page to your personal page or post directly to both?
    3. Should people be using apps like “if this then that” to post to Facebook? What is your feeling about this?
    4. What are the best ways to use a email list within Facebook?
    5. Best way to create a look a like audience. What is the minimum # you need to do this? Alternatives if your list isn’t big enough?

I also asked travel bloggers in the The Aspiring Travel Writers Facebook Groups what they what questions they had about Facebook. Gary answers these questions and more on episode 43!

    1. Menorca Chaturvedi from asks:  How do we really increase our post reach? Is there anything we can do without advertising? Of course, we have groups to post our content, but any other tips on how to improve the organic reach of our posts and give our pages more visibility?
    2. Nigel Kane from Bay Breezin’ Travel Blog asks: I was actually going to ask the same question as Menorca. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how some posts reach so many people compared to others. Can be anything between 30 to 300!
    3. Megan MacNee from asks: How do you get organic reach outside of your network. My page is about a month old and it’s growing but I feel like it’s mostly my friend and other bloggers. How do you get outside of your network.
    4. Teri Didjurgis from asks: What increases post reach positively & negatively … Likes, comments (do comments carry more weight), posting from another platform ie instagram (is time delay a factor), shares, activity rate, time between posts or posts per day..if your account does or does not advertise… What else? I am also stumped by this algorithm other than pay to play which is what most say FB moved to about 6 mos ago
    5. Tahiri Kadyn asks: If certain days or times are better than others to post, such as when users most active.
    6. Chris Backe from One Weird Globe Asks: Have you been able to quantify / show how much impact third-party scheduling has on the reach of a post? (in other words, posting using Hootsuite vs. Facebook’s own scheduler)How often should you post on Facebook as a travel blogger?

Here are a few questions from the Business of Blogging Facebook Group which looks like it was started by Bret Love who is Co-Founder & Managing Director at Green Travel Media.

  1. Amanda Williams from the blog A Dangerous Business asks: People used to always tell you that using the “Boost” button on a FB post was terrible and that you should never do it (and that, instead, you should always build your ads in the Power Editor). But I’m curious if this is still the best advice, given the expanded targeting options Facebook now allows for both ads AND post boosts.
  2. Chris Backe from One Weird Globe asks: How would he spend a relatively small budget (say, $100) to promote a book? Assume you can target your audience specifically enough – would they go for likes, shares, clicks, etc.? (specifically his newest book on Prague for the “Choose a Way books”.
  3. Megan Kennedy from the blog WanderlustMegan asks: Tips to get the most value for your money while operating on a small budget.
  4. Andrew Eaton from  Scrappy agrees with Megan and wants to know for $20, $50, $100, $200 budgets. Where to put the money, how to target and get the most bang for your buck. Everyone talks about success from advertising (but point to large scale companies and big budget advertising). Realistic numbers for ‘small time bloggers’ would provide some great insight…

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People Mentioned on this episode:
Nick Unsworth
Chris Ducker
John Lee Dumas
Bret Love
Jon Loomer
James Grandstaff


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Hope you enjoyed this episode and please join me in thanking Gary for being here! And thank you as well. We’ll see you next time!

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