Jessica and I met at Fort Lauderdale Tbex Conference and within minutes of chatting, I knew she’d be an amazing guest. Jessica is the business development manager for the CJ Affiliate Content Team and she helps bloggers monetize and build their businesses through affiliate marketing.

Jessica is also the founder of the lifestyle blog don’ and has been blogging since 2001. She is a contributor for sites like Book Riot and the Huffington Post. She is a regular speaker at blog conferences such at Tbex and Blogher where she talks on a variety of topics such as SEO, Affiliates and No Follow rules for bloggers. Today’s show is jam packed with useful information, so open Evernote and get ready for some great travel blogging tips!

Jessica Woodbury from CJ speaking at Tbex

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The Finer Details of Episode 47 with Jessica Woodbury! In this episode Jessica breaks down the mystery of the affiliate world. She also shares some great tips for incorporating affiliate content while keeping your editorial control as well as creating content that builds trust with your readers! We also talk about the best way to get started with CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly known as Commission Junction) and how to get content certified with CJ Affiliate! In this episode we also discuss:

  • Click here to sign up for CJ and start earning affiliate income as a travel blogger!

Tbex tips!

  • How to get in front of brands when you don’t have a speed networking appointment.
  • Be careful of your elevator pitch and coming on too strong.
  • The best way to start a conversation with a brand.

Affiliate Marketing, SEO & Content tips!

  • How affiliate marketing works.
  • How to incorporate affiliate content while keeping your editorial control.
  • How to create content that builds trust.
  • Why a blog post should not focus on what you have been comp’d.
  • How to write a blog post that isn’t “me”-centric.
  • Why you must think about your reader when you are writing.
  • Why you have to curate around your experience.
  • Why writing a series of posts is a great solution to cover your comp’s and give a bigger picture of your experience.
  • Why you have to go beyond your experience when writing a blog post.
  • How to use internet research to broaden your post or for additional blog posts.
  • How to write an SEO geared blog post.
  • How to create reader-first content.
  • How to convert a web visitor to a returning reader.
  • Why Google likes what readers like.
  • SEO fact: Longer content matters.
  • Why you should never write a post under 500 words.
  • Why long articles are more important that keywords.
  • The best hack for implementing affiliate links.
  • How to determine what affiliates to work with and items to sell on your website.
  • How to reach out to the affiliate managers.
  • Why aggregated content works well with affiliate content.
  • How to increase clicks and conversions of your affiliate links.
  • The truth about “no follow” rules.
  • Why bloggers get turned down from affiliates.
  • How to get content certified with CJ Affiliate.
  • Why brands have different affiliate commission rates.
  • How to negotiate your commission rate with CJ affiliates.Click here to sign up for CJ and start earning affiliate income as a travel blogger!

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and please join me in thanking Melissa for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips! And thank you as well for visiting. We’ll see you next time!


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