It’s the first Ask Alexa show for 2016!  On episode 054 of The Break Into Travel Writing podcast: I answered your questions about the world of travel blogging, travel writing and travel photography, SEO, Social Media and more!

If you have a question about travel blogging, writing, photography or SEO, Web or Social Media for travel blogging that you would like answered on my Podcast, simply submit your question and I’ll answer it on an upcoming episode.

Ask Alexa for Break Into Travel Writing Podcast

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first Ask Alexa Q&A for 2016. I’ve had some questions coming in via email and my facebook page, The Break into Travel Writing Podcast and following in the footsteps of Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield – two podcasters I follow and admire, I thought I’d add this as a regular podcast. So, beginning in 2016 I plan to add this as a second weekly podcast that will air on Friday of each week! Click here to listen to the podcast now!

[shadowbox]Question: From Vedante Prashar of the[/shadowbox]

I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time, I even have asked this to a couple of people but never really got a satisfying answer.  My question is – “How do I keep posting regularly on my blog when I’m not traveling? Also, when the city in which I live in doesn’t really offer much what I want to write about. What do I do in this case? How efficient would it be for me to collaborate with other writers and approach them in order to score a blog post for my blog”?

Answer:  A million ideas come to mind. First, I would think about some of these ideas…
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Create a round up of previously published pieces. (one based on most popular, one on location, etc)
Round up pieces based on your previous article – go back into your notes. Can you create a 3 reasons why, or 5, 10 or 20 reasons why you need to visit XX
You favorite travel tips for XX
How to pack for XX
A list of the top places you want to visit in 2016 and why.
Again, look back over your notes from previous trips – can you create a piece with a new angle?
Touch base with previous PR you have worked with and ask if they have any press releases. Write a new piece focued on what is new based on your experience of having already visited.
Add travel books reviews.
Travel movie reviews (best movies that feature amazing locations)
Reach out to  new PR reps and create travel news articles.
Reach out to CVB’s closest to you. You might not live somewhere super amazing, but are there any other cities or towns nearby (whithin driving distance) that you can write about?

Regarding asking for contributions, if you have enough traffic to make it worth it to other bloggers or you can offer something of value, I believe it’s okay ask.

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­[shadowbox]Question: From Lee Blackwood of[/shadowbox]

I have a question about a subject I haven’t come across before, with travel writing or blogging.

“What do writers and bloggers do about ‘significant others’ — spouses, boy/girlfriends, partners, whatever… How do they handle traveling opportunities, when the SO wants to come along”?

I’m not talking about team bloggers, I’m talking strictly solo writers, who, let’s say, pitch to a destination, am accepted, arrangements are made, but the SO wants to come along? When and how does the writer ask or mention they will be (or would like to be) traveling with a companion? In the case of a hotel, I assume that’s not a problem, but what about a tour? or a dinner? or another activity? Does the writer ask for a second gratis? or offer to pay the extra ticket? How do I ask, or should I not even go there? That’s a tricky subject!

My boyfriend is always jealous of my opportunities, and sometimes he has arranged his schedule to meet me someplace after I’m done with a press trip. But I have upcoming trips that he wants to tag along on. I’ve told him, in the case of a tour or dinner, that he might be left back at the hotel. He says he can deal with that. But what about bigger opportunities? I have a tentative offer for a one week bike tour as well as another for a cruise. What’s the best way to broach that with the sponsor/host, and when is the best time to mention it? (upfront when they first offer, or later?)

I have heard people say it’s great if your ‘friend’ can be of some help in order to justify the request, like being the tech person, or the photographer, but sadly my bf can do none of that. He can carry my bag, but that’s about it! So, that’s not really the kind of advice I’m after.

What advice do you have? Or do you know a travel writer who has experience with this and can help guide me how to approach this delicate subject?

I bounced around a bit on this one, but my personal feeling is you must thing about it from the point of view of the business you are asking for the comp. If you want a friend or signifigant other to join you on a media trip I believe you need to offer more to your host or your story has to support them coming with you. I have a lot more to say about this subject and offer several suggestions for working with your media hosts on the audio version.  Click here to listen to the podcast and full answers now!

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