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Today I have two great questions. One focuses on optimal posting frequency and the other is about how far in advance you should contact travel partners for media trips. Click here to listen to the podcast now!

[shadowbox]Question: From Jesus Tirso with HTXandBeyond.com[/shadowbox]

As a part time traveler and beginning blogger, what is the optimal posting frequency? What is a reasonable (optimal) post length (word count)?”


At minimum once a week.  Ideally twice a week and if you have the time, post more often. The more you post, the more google likes is. The more google likes your site, the more it will come in search.

Having said that, posting consistently, is the most important. Set a schedule for writing and posting. If you commit to one post a week, put it on your calendar as a deadline. Let’s say you choose Tuesday as the day you post new content, do everything you can to be consistent with posting on Tuesday. At least for me, when I commit to a random goal, such as posting once a week, but don’t have a specific day I post I run into trouble. It’s easy to let a week slide by and then two weeks slide by. The bloggers I talk to who are doing a great job with their content have a posting schedule and meet it.

As far as article length. I answered this on Episode 57 when I was asked a similar question. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m going to share what I told Susan on that episode… which is that there are experts who say shorter post and lists on a regular basis are the way to go. Others say for SEO longer posts are the answer. I can see both approaches having validity. I guess what readers want depends on the reader.

On episode 57 I go into some data about short vs long posts and share arguments for both sides. So, if you want to hear the full story of long vs short posts head to bitw.com/eps57

I personally shoot for at least 800 words. I like a balance between words and photos. While there are a lot of blogs out there that are focused on photos with few words, for me this isn’t a good long term approach. These blogs also tend to me more diary style writing instead of travel writing or blogging.

There are a lot of opinions out there on optimal length of an article and in the end it boils down to your reader and what they enjoy, your writing style and if you are in it for seo and search.

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[shadowbox]Question: From Jessica Beck with beckwhattheheck.com[/shadowbox]

How far in advance should you propose a tour in exchange for a blog post to a tour company prior to your trip?


I’d 3 weeks at a minimum and ideally 4-6 weeks. It also depends on what you are planning. If it is just a tour 3 weeks is probably fine. If it is a hotel 3 weeks is also probably fine. If you want to work with PR or a tourism office, CVB or DMO for a solo media trip you want to start the conversation at the 4-6 time frame or even further out.

It takes them a fair amount time to coordinate and plan the trip with their partners.

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Great question from Jesus from @htxandbeyond via @writetotravel podcast http://bit.ly/1T38ZxM #travelblogger #writetotravel [Click To Tweet]
Great question from Jessica @beckasaurousrex  via @writetotravel podcast http://bit.ly/1T38ZxM #travelblogger #writetotravel [Click to Tweet]

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