Today’s show focuses on my week in Bloomington, Minnesota for the Tbex 2016 North America conference.

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Tbex Minnesota conference in Bloomington

The Finer Details of Episode 78 include an overview of my experience at Tbex Minnesota! I shared my details of every aspect of the conference including my speed networking appointments, the parties, the sessions and keynote speakers. I also share how to get the most out of attending Tbex and my top takeaways for meeting your conference goals. Be willing to skip a session to network and talk with businesses you didn’t get a speed networking appointment.

You’ll also hear my favorite takeaways from the sessions I attended such as:

  • Larisa Milne Blog Focus Session Takeaway: Are you doing things because you think you have to? Or are you doing tasks that lead to your goals and benefit your readers?
  • Chris Christensen & Orr Shakked Affilaite Session Takeaway: Link Strategy. Think about your reader and don’t use only one affiliate option for booking engines.
  • Brett Love & Mary Gabbett Branding Session Takeaway: Know the difference between audience and community. Why you must focus on building a community. Traffic as a metric is the big myth about blogging. The most important metric is actually influence of your audience to take an action. You must know why your readers read your blog and your readers must know what you stand for.
  • Michael & Leslie Youtube Session Takeaway: You can forget to play the social game with Youtube (you must like, comment, subscribe). You must know your keywords before you begin shooting a video. You must take the time to SEO your videos properly.

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People Mentioned on the Episode:
Kirsten from @KidsAreATrip
Lee from EatTravelCook
Vikki from VoyagerVikki
Bob from TheTravelingFool
Stephanie from TheWayToWander
Wendy from PintSizeGourmets
Susan from GenXTraveler
Lauren from @PostGradandPostcards
Baker from WakeandMake
Jill from CaptainJillsJourneys
Lara Dunning
Erin from Citizen Relations
Karen from WalkingonTravel
Lisa from WeSaidGoTravel
Carol from WayfaringViews
Lou Mongello
Gary Arndt
Larisa Milne
Dalene & Pete Heck
Susie from DabbleinTravel
Jake from TripGrid
Sonja from BreadCrumbsGuide
David from GoBackPacking
Orr Shakked from TripAdvisor
Chris Christiansen
Johnny Jet
Natalie DiScala
Max Hartshorne
Don George
Dustin Hartzinger
Mary Jo Manzanares
Brett Love & Mary Gabbett
Michael Collins
Leslie Graham
Deb & Dave
Andrew Zimern

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