Deb and Dave from the Planet D are a power couple in the world of travel blogging.  They have been married for 16 years and have visited more than 100 countries on all 7 continents. They live by their motto “Adventure is For Everyone.

deb and dave from the planet d

Dave went from a rigging gaffer for feature films and television and Deb from a makeup artist in the film industry to launching one of the most recognized and popular travel blogs today.

In 2008, they combined their talents for writing, photography and marketing to build one of the most sought after travel blogging brands. Their website receives over 200,000 views per month and they have 1.5 million engaged followers on social media. .

They have been guests on radio and TV such as BBC World, The Today Show, and Canada AM to name just a few. They have spoken around the world about pursuing passion and what it takes to make it happen at events such as the New York Travel Show, Tbex, the Toronto outdoor show, the Society of American Travel Writers and Adventure Travel World Summit.

Beside the prolific work for their own website, they have also been published by Yahoo Travel, BBC Travel, Huffington Post,, Intelligent Travel, National Geographic, AOL Travel and Lonely Planet.

Their blog and photography awards are in the high double digits including two time winners of the Gold Medal for Best Travel Blog Lowell Thomas Award by the Society of American Travel Writers. As well as 2016 Winner Best Travel Blog SATW and Best Photo Illustration of Travel by the SATW in 2015.

With current partnerships including American Express Canada, TravelSmith and TripIt plus ongoing sponsorship campaigns with various companies they have proven that a travel blog can be a successful business model.

They are known to take on extreme travel challenges such as cage diving with great white sharks, cycling the continent of Africa, taking part in the Mongol Rally and winter trekking in Canada’s Far North.

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The Finer Details of Episode 79 with Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil

In today’s episode, Deb and Dave from share the revenue streams that have allowed them to make a full time living with travel blogging. They also share why branding is the key to a successful blog. Listen to this episode and you also learn why travel saved their marriage and why they believe consistency is the key building your brand.

Here is a glimpse of Deb & Dave hard at work in the Bahamas!

deb and dave from the planet D in the bahamas


For all answers and full the episode >> Listen to Episode 79 Now!

In this episode we also discuss:

    • Why branding is the key to a successful blog. [Click to Tweet]
    • Why you must find your passion in travel to stand out as a blogger. [Click to Tweet
    • Why you must have control of your online personality.
    • How to use your personality to sell products and destinations.
    • Why you must focus on your About Page.
    • Why you can’t be a loud speaker on social media. It must be a conversation.
    • How to reach out and break into the social media ‘circle’.
    • Why you shouldn’t ‘tell’ on social media, but instead communicate.
    • Why Instagram and Snapchat are the most important social media platforms right now.
    • Why you must get in early with social media platforms.
    • The importance of cross-platform promotion.
    • Why you shouldn’t get into travel blogging if you don’t like change. [Click to Tweet
    • Why you must prioritize & compartmentalize or you’ll get buried in the landslide of marketing and content.
    • Their main revenue streams.
    • How to run a destination marketing campaign.
    • How to prepare for paid campaigns.
    • Why you must always stay on brand.
    • Why you need to know your value.
    • How to find your ideal partner.
    • Why you have to be able to show that you can can add value.
    • Why you must take the time to analyze when to post on each social platform.
    • Why success is the perfect line between business and spontaneity. [Click to Tweet]

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podcast episode with Deb and Dave from the Planet D

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