Today’s show focuses on blog content creation ideas when you are not traveling. One of the questions I get asked most often is ‘what do I write about when I am not traveling?’. Today I share many ideas of ways to keep your blog fresh when you aren’t traveling.

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Viñas de la Erre in Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico

The Finer Details of Episode 80 include how to keep your content fresh and how to come up with story ideas when you aren’t traveling. In this episode I share how we can all create experiences that are blog worthy, even when we aren’t on the road! Here are a few of the ideas mentioned in the show or listen now!

Content Creation Ideas When Not Traveling

  1. Hometown Media Trip How to look at your hometown with a fresh perspective. Seek out your towns hidden gems. Think what you would tell a friend or family member to do if they visited and you weren’t in town.
  2. Schedule Nearby Group Day Trips Find a few other travel bloggers or photographer or travel lovers and schedule day trips.
  3. Expand Coverage on Most Popular Articles Check Google Analytics for most popular articles and SEMrush for keywords you are ranking for and brainstorm a few new articles that would support the original coverage.
  4. Optimize Current Articles & Add Affiliate Links
  5. Write a Listicle Based on previous content create a new article that offers a list of ideas for the location.
  6. Think Forward! What are the next big holiday’s you could write about?
  7. Add Story Ideas in WordPress as a Draft During times of inspiration, add all your new story ideas to WordPress as a draft. Then during these slower times, you can come back and write the article.
  8. Use PR Emails for Inspiration
  9. Connect with Your Local Tourism Board Call or email and ask what is new and what they would love more coverage on. Great opportunity to connect with local PR!
  10. Google “Weird” Do a few searches for your city or state name plus the word weird or to find some interesting things you may have never heard of!

Photos from my hometown adventures mentioned in the podcast:

My day exploring La Jolla Cove

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