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Ask Alexa for Break Into Travel Writing Podcast

Today’s episode focuses on four travel blogger questions. One question about applying for a TBEX FAM trip, one about the process to get guest bloggers for your website, another question about how often to post on social media and one about organizing and keeping track of article ideas and PR contacts. Click here to listen to the podcast now!  

In this episode I also share my recent trip to Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City media trip with my son, Roland. I also share the details of my upcoming media trip to Marriott Coronado Resort and Spa.


Question: From Cristal with www.tofutraveler.com 

I’ve signed up for my very first TBEX in Manila and was wondering if my blog is too new to consider applying for a FAM trip. I’ve been blogging for about 6 months and get an average of 100 daily unique page views and have a total of 2000 social followers. Would brands even consider me as a new blogger?

Question: From Dan with www.packthepassport.com

For 52perfectdays.com I see you have tons of writers writing content for you. How do you recommend getting people to write for your website?

Question: From Hridya with www.coinsnmaps.com

How often should we post in social media channels like Twitter, instagram and Facebook to keep a constant engagement rate?

Question: From Naomi from Instagram account @roamingtheamericas

Alexa, you’ve mentioned before that you have more ideas than you know what to do with or have time to write about. I can relate–I have so many article and location ideas that it’s sometimes overwhelming and I’m not sure what to focus on next. Can you share some tips for keeping track of article ideas, as well as organizing contacts and tourism boards or businesses that you have previously worked with, are currently working with, or hope to work with? Do you keep it all in a spreadsheet, use Twitter lists, or something else? And how do you decide what to focus on?

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