Orr Shakked runs the global online marketing team at TripAdvisor. His team is responsible for display advertising, social marketing, direct partnerships, and the affiliate channel. He is a travel industry veteran, and in addition to TripAdvisor, he spent 8 years at Expedia Inc. I had the pleasure of meeting today’s guest at Tbex MN and attending his session with Chris Chirstensen focusing on Maximizing your affiliate strategy throughout the buy cycle. Today, Orr shares many of his tips from his Tbex presentation. This is Maximizing Your Affiliate Strategy with Orr Shakked!

Orr Shakked from TripAdvisor

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The Finer Details of Episode 85: Maximizing Your Affiliate Strategy with Orr Shakked of TripAdvisor

In today’s episode, Orr Shakked and I dive deep into how the TripAdvisor affiliate program helps bloggers monetize their websites. Click here to listen to the full interview and learn how to maximize revenue with affiliate ads. (See if you can find how many TripAdvisor affiliate links I used on this page!)

 In this episode we also discuss:

    • How to make affiliate income work with TripAdvisor. [Click to Tweet]
    • How to sign up as a TripAdvisor affiliate. [Click to Tweet
    • Why CJ (Commission Junction) is on of their three networks for affiliate marketing.
    • How the TripAdvisor Affiliate network works.
    • Why TripAdvisor is an expert in monetizing their site.
    • Why TripAdvisor uses a same session payment model for affiliates.
    • Why it’s important to diversify your monetization streams.
    • Why hotels are a better bet than airlines for affiliate money.
    • How to write effective copy that includes affiliate links.
    • Monetization works when it is helpful to your reader.
    • Why you should approach affiliate networking with a hybrid approach.
    • The best place to use an affiliate widget on a website.
    • The best place to start when adding affiliate links to your website.
    • Why you should be working with affiliates from the beginning.
    • Orr’s top suggestions for the social media platform that drives the most traffic.
    • How to maintain authenticity while using affiliate links.

Full the episode >> Listen to Episode 85 Now!

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Hope you enjoyed this episode focusing on Affiliate Strategy with Orr Shakked. Please join me in thanking him for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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