Today’s show focuses on my media trip to Aruba and two “Ask Alexa” questions. One focusing on Flipboard and the other about personal safety when you are a travel blogger. Perfect show for any travel writer or travel photographer. Welcome to Ask Alexa!

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Ask Alexa for Break Into Travel Writing Podcast

Today’s episode focuses on four travel blogger questions. One question focuses on Flipboard and the other is about personal safety when you are a blogger.

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In this episode I also share my recent media trip to Aruba with my son, Roland. Aruba,

Question: From Jamie Schlingo with @jaimesays

I have hesitated publishing my website because I have concerns about personal safety and exposure. I would love to simply be a travel writer and not necessarily a blogger, but it seems like I need to have an online presence and that makes privacy and anonymity non-existent. How do you deal with personal safety concerns for you and your family, and do you struggle with the loss of privacy as a result of being in this business? (Sidenote: You are an absolute mentor to me! Thank you for the podcast and for having the vulnerability to share your personal stories with others!)

Question: From Gary House from, & www.foodblogradio

When you flip a story from a website do you add a comment? Does it help? Any thoughts on multiple boards instead of a general travel topic board? Thanks!

For I see you have tons of writers writing content for you. How do you recommend getting people to write for your website?

Alexa, you’ve mentioned before that you have more ideas than you know what to do with or have time to write about. I can relate–I have so many article and location ideas that it’s sometimes overwhelming and I’m not sure what to focus on next. Can you share some tips for keeping track of article ideas, as well as organizing contacts and tourism boards or businesses that you have previously worked with, are currently working with, or hope to work with? Do you keep it all in a spreadsheet, use Twitter lists, or something else? And how do you decide what to focus on?

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