Today’s show focuses on one”Ask Alexa” question about media trips and media rates. I also share a re-broadcast of my most popular podcast episode. It has received more than twice the amount of listens than any other show. Any guesses?

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Ask Alexa for Break Into Travel Writing Podcast

Today’s episode focuses on one travel blogger question about working with PR when you have a new blog and low web traffic.

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Ask Alexa Question: From Joan with

Hi Alexa, I launched my blog and website earlier this year and while it’s not perfect yet in terms of optimization and monetization, I’m proud I designed it without too much knowledge about website development.

Since 2015, I’ve had approximately 18 comped visits at some really beautiful resorts within an hour travel time from my home. Most of the owners/management/PR departments have welcomed me with open arms. However, in the last two weeks, the CEO of one PR agency that represents a well-known spa destination, told me I need to have a story assignment from a publication I write for in order to get a comped visit. My website stats are low at this point and my guess is she doesn’t think she’ll get enough exposure if I only post stories afterward to my blog. How often did you run into this roadblock when you were relatively new to travel writing? Were you blogging and contributing stories to magazines or other publications?

Thanks so much for your incredible podcasts and sharing your knowledge. Click here for the full episode and my answer to Joan’s question.

Also on this episode….

My Most Popular Podcast! BITW 009: How to Connect and Work with Oahu Travel Marketing Reps with Miwa Ogletree

Episode Nine with Miwa Ogletree is by far my most listened to podcast. Miwa is an Oahu travel PR and marketing expert and has worked in the Hawaii Travel Industry for over 12 years and she assists companies in the Travel Industry such as Oahu Ghost Tours, Waikiki Beach Services, Fourever Fab Show, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Hilo Hattie, Special Events Hawaii, Cirque Hawaii, IHOP Hawaii restaurants, Diamond Bakery, GO! Airlines, Aloha Live Show and Special Events Hawaii.

Join us to hear what Miwa Ogletree has to say on 9th episode of Break Into Travel Writing.

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • The process of a travel writer request in Oahu.
  • Learn what a business and travel marketing rep really wants from a travel writer.
  • The two 2nd languages you should learn if you want to work in Hawaii.
  • How to connect with Miwa and other marketing reps. Direct isn’t always the right avenue.
  • Always keep in mind the culture of Hawaii when approaching business owners as well as marketing and PR reps.
  • Learn if you should or shouldn’t let the marketing rep or client proof your article before you publish.
  • Expectations of coverage from travel writers.
  • How to use a marketing rep to your advantage to write the best story.
  • Always ask what makes a business different from it’s competition.
  • Why when you ask politely you almost always get extras or freebies.
  • Why you always need to double check photos when using stock photography.
  • The #1 thing that will impress Miwa and any other marketing rep.

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