Vincent Rees is an expert in Ukrainian dance, art, and culture. In 1992 he joined the world renowned Ukrainian Shumka Dancers. In 2007, his interest in Ukrainian dance and culture lead him to complete a masters’ degree in Ukrainian Folklore from the University of Alberta. Today Vincent is the founder of Cobblestone Freeway tours. The company provides handcrafted cultural travel experiences to Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary Ireland and Costa Rica more.

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Ukrainian Travel Expert Vincent Rees of Cobblestone Freeway Tours

Vincent Rees from Cobblestone Freeway Tours

In my interview with Vincent, we discuss why everyone should be Googling “Travel Ukraine”, we chat about the Ukraine Media Trip and just about everything else you might want to know about visiting Ukraine. Click here to listen to the full interview and hear Vincent’s additional advice about learning how to do homework about traveling to places erroneously painted as too dangerous.  This is “BITW 113: Ukrainian Travel Expert Vincent Rees of Cobblestone Freeway tours”.

In this episode we also discuss:

    • Why there is such a large Ukrainian population in Canada. 
    • How Vicent started his tour company to Ukranian.
    • Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe.
    • The Ukraine and Russia conflict.
    • Why traveling in Ukraine is safe.
    • Ukraine tourism is growing (yeah!)
    • If you visit Lviv, why you must visit the Drunken Cherry and the cities ‘secret restaurants’.
    • Why Lviv is famous for coffee and chocolate.
    • If you visit Bukovel, you must try the Zipline Rollercoaster.
    • The Jewish population in Ukraine.
    • What happened during the Revolution in Kyiv (Kiev).
    • The difference between Rus’ and Russia.
    • How to travel to Chernobyl.
    • How to book a tour with Cobblestone Freeway Tours.

The Crazy Video from our media trip and the journey from Chernivtsi to Kyiv (Kiev) in Ukraine.

Full episode >> Listen to Episode 113 Now!

Towns and Cities Visited on Our Media Trip

I’ve linked to articles, photo essays and videos from many of the attendees from the media trip below that are focused on the locations we visited on the Ukraine Media Trip.

ukraine media trip

Ukraine Media Trip Bloggers, Writers & Videographers

Kamyanets Podilsky
Kyiv (Kiev)

Episode Resources

Between Hitler and Stalin – Ukraine in World War II: The Untold Story
Sokolskoye Estate (hotel in Tiudiv near Kosiv in the Carpathian mountains)
Paul Niland on Twitter (Kyiv Journalist)
Travel Writers Academy Details

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  • Loved the interview with Vincent Rees from @csfreeway on the Break Into Travel Writing #podcast @writetotravel 

Hope you enjoyed this episode and are inspired to rethink your story angles. Please join me in thanking Joe for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips on today’s show! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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