This is part one of the 2017 Travel Writer’s Academy Mastermind and Media Trip podcast with three of the Travel Academy members.  Click here to listen to the full interview and hear Wendy, Erika and Susan’s overview of the Travel Academy Scottsdale Media Trip. This is the “2017 Travel Writers Academy Mastermind and Media Trips (Part 1) with Wendy Awai-Dakroub, Erika Beach and Susan Decoteau-Ferrier”.

Joy Rides Scottsdale, AZ tour

Joy Rides Scottsdale, AZ Golf Cart Tour

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The Finer Details of Episode 119 with Wendy Awai-Dakroub, Erika Beach & Susan Decoteau-Ferrier

Wendy Awai-Dakroub

Wendy's Bloody Mary Masterpiece at Hash Kitchen

Wendy’s Bloody Mary Masterpiece at Hash Kitchen

Wendy Awai-Dakroub who founded in  2014 when she and her husband decided to sell all of their worldly possessions and travel the world with their 2 young children. Wendy blogs about kid-friendly food from around the world while living part time in Hawaii and traveling the world for the remainder of the year.

Erika Beach

Michelada in Puerto Penasco

Erika’s quest for the best Michelada in Puerto Penasco

Erika is a Wine and travel writer from Temecula Wine Country and founder of With Love Paper and Wine. She is a full-time writer for a Public Agency by day and wine/travel writer by night and somehow finds time to study for her sommelier degree. Erika focuses on the road less traveled and has a soft spot for Spanish speaking destinations.

Susan Decoteau-Ferrier

Tonto National Forest in Arizona

Susan’s photo shoot in Tonto National Forest before kayaking.

Susan Decoteau-Ferrier is travel blogger and community creator for the Gen X Travel community turned Tour Operator. Her passion for travel and desire to connect eager explorers from Generation X has guided her to this calling.

In this episode, Wendy, Erika, Susan and I discuss our pre-media trip with Experience Scottsdale including a golf cart “art tour”, wine tasting, kayaking and a lot more.

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and are inspired to apply for Travel Media Showcase. Please join me in thanking Gary & Kaila for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips on today’s show! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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