Ricky Shetty is a passionate global entrepreneur and digital nomad. He is the Founder of Digital Nomad Mastery which is a podcast, youtube channel and website that teaches people how to become Digital Nomads. He is also the man behind the family-friendly website Daddy Blogger, which gives a father’s perspective on parenting.  As well he is the producer of Daddy Blogger TV and an Amazon best selling author of a book on fatherhood called “Wisdom from Daddies.”

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How to Make Multiple Streams of Online Income as a Digital Nomad with Ricky Shetty


In my interview with Ricky Shetty, we discuss how to transition to a nomadic lifestyle (even with kids). We also discuss the top 7 best streams of income for a digital nomad.  Click here to listen to the full interview and hear Ricky’s additional advice about why you should focus on passive income more than active income.  This is “BITW 123: How to Make Multiple Streams of Online Income as a Digital Nomad with Ricky Shetty”.

In this episode we also discuss:

    • How Ricky transitioned to a nomadic lifestyle with three kids under 5. 
    • His plan to be the first family to visit every country in the world.
    • His plan to visit Antartica.
    • What it was like to visit Venezuela.
    • Ricky’s favorite digital nomad locations.
    • Why Ricky thinks Medellín has the best climate in the world.
    • Ricky’s top 7 streams of income as a digital nomad.
    • How to live on $400 a month as a digital nomad.
    • How to add travel coaching as a revenue stream.
    • Why you should focus on passive income more than active income.
    • Why everyone should have a Udemy course to create income.
    • How to earn revenue with your Youtube channel.
    • Why passive income is a long-term game.

Full episode >> Listen to Episode 123 Now!

Episode Resources

My interview with Ricky on Digital Nomad Mastery
Video with kids playing with money
Ricky’s Udemy Courses
Wisdom from Daddies by Ricky Shetty

Connect with Ricky Shetty
Digital Nomad Mastery Website
Daddy Blogger Website

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  • Loved the interview with Ricky Shetty on the Break Into Travel Writing #podcast @writetotravel 

Hope you enjoyed this episode and are inspired to add a few new income streams to your bottom line. Please join me in thanking Ricky for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips on today’s show! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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