Maria Haase is a travel blogger and photographer who shares her love for the world and its different cultures on and As a serial expat for the past 10 years, she has called three continents her home, traveled to almost 40 countries and eaten way too many sticks of mystery meats on the way. She wants to encourage others to discover the world through traveling, trying exotic recipes, craft beer and learning about other cultures.

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BITW 124: Why You Should Buy an Established Travel Blog with Maria Haase

In my interview with Maria Haase, we discuss how to buy a travel blog. We also discuss Maria’s top ways to increase traffic, domain authority and revenueClick here to listen to the full interview and hear Maria’s additional advice about the fastest way to grow passive income on your website.  This is “BITW 124: Why You Should Buy an Established Travel Blog with Maria Haase”.

In this episode we also discuss:

    • The importance of networking with other bloggers and travel writers. 
    • The top ways to increase traffic, domain authority and revenue.
    • Why content clusters are Maria’s #1 SEO tip.
    • Where to find travel website auction sites.
    • How to determine how much to pay for an established website.
    • Due diligence when buying a site.
    • How to spot a scammer trying to give incorrect stats.
    • The fastest way to grow passive income.
    • Why you shouldn’t trust screenshots for true numbers and stats.
    • The formula for determining a fair price for a website.
    • How Maria broke even with the cost of the blog in only five months.
    • If you buy a blog, only by the assets and not the company.
    • The first steps you need to take after you buy a website.
    • Why investing in a VA is a key to making more money.
    • Why Maria thinks Tbex is great for beginner bloggers.

Full episode >> Listen to Episode 124 Now!

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  • Loved the interview with Maria Haase from on the Break Into Travel Writing #podcast @writetotravel 

Hope you enjoyed this episode and are inspired to think about buying your own website. Please join me in thanking Maria for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips on today’s show! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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