Chris Christensen is the creator of; an online travel website and podcast that focuses primarily on travel destinations. Chris has won a Lowell Thomas Award, four NATJA awards, including the gold in the audio category this year, and a SMITTY Award from Travel+Leisure as the “best independent travel journalist”. Tune in to learn about Influencer Marketing for Travel Bloggers and a whole bunch more!

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BITW 125: Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing for Travel Bloggers with Chris Christensen

In my interview with Chris Christensen, we discuss the difference between content creators and influencers and where the industy is heading. We also discuss content clusters for SEO and traffic and why content marketing is the wave of the future.  Click here to listen to the full interview and hear Chris’ additional advice about the fastest way to grow passive income on your website.  This is “BITW 125: Influencer Marketing for Travel Bloggers with Chris Christensen”.

Chris Christensen

In this episode we also discuss:

    • The importance of content clusters for SEO and traffic.
    • The importance of knowing what you know that others don’t.
    • Why you must follow Google guidelines for Do Follow Links.
    • Why content marketing is the wave of the future.
    • Why social media follower numbers are no longer the most important stat.
    • How not to end up in a #BloggerGate catastrophe.
    • How to write a pitch with value.
    • Why a bad pitch from a blogger hurts all bloggers.
    • Why you need to pitch your audience and not yourself.
    • If influencer networks are worth joining.
    • The benefits of BloggerBridge.
    • Instagram & Video are what brands are looking for right now in social media.
    • The rise of content marketing.
    • Why brands use domain authority as the best predictor for website reach.
    • Why you need to work to get your domain authority to 35 or above.
    • How to use BloggerBridge to build your PR reference library.
    • How PR determines ROI for influencer marketing.
    • What to include in your media kit.
    • The difference between content creators and influencers.
    • Why a Tweet or an Instagram post are mostly overrated.
    • Why followers and who you are influencing are two different things.
    • Why Pinterest matters for traffic.

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and are inspired to think about buying your own website. Please join me in thanking Maria for sharing such awesome information and actionable tips on today’s show! Interested in hearing the full podcast? Click here to listen now!

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