My guest today is Cintia Soto, an accountant turned pro food and travel photographer. Cintia is from Mazatlan, Mexico, lived in Italy for almost 10 years and while living there she became inspired by art in all aspects and began her journey to teach herself photography. Today she lives in San Diego and Italy while traveling regularly to Mexico and Central America. She is a passionate food and travel photographer that loves telling stories with images. She sees the world in light, shapes, and colors &  her memories are visual… so you can bet there is a Cannon camera close by at all times. Her images have appeared in many magazines like Vogue Mexico, Travel + Leisure, cosmopolitan Italy and the NY Times destinations section.

She has been commissioned as the official photographer for a cookbook featuring 26 Female Mexicana chefs. She has also photographed numerous award winning chefs from Mexico and the United states.

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BITW 127: Travel & Food Blogger Workshop with Photographer Cintia Soto

In my interview with photographer Cintia Soto, we discuss her upcoming workshops in Italy and Mexico.  She also shares her journey from accountant to self-taught food and travel photographer. Click here to listen to the full interview and hear Cintia’s top tips for SmartPhone & DSLR camera.  This is “BITW 127: Travel & Food Blogger Workshop with Photographer Cintia Soto”.

Cintia Soto Travel Photographer

In this episode we also discuss:

    • The most important piece of photography is understanding why you are struggling with certain problems.
    • How do deal with low light locations and situations.
    • How to use your earbuds to take better photos with your SmartPhone.
    • Tripod tips for your SmartPhone.
    • Why desaturating can create amazing photos.
    • How to use masking in Snapseed.
    • Why you should shoot in RAW.
    • Why you should move to Aperture mode if you are still shooting in auto.
    • Tips for wine photography and photo composition


Full episode >> Listen to Episode 127 Now!

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