My guest today is a travel blogger, Brian Cicioni. Today Brian and I discuss the process to become an Airbnb Experience Tour Guide. 

Brian writes about travel, food tours, how to get the most out of a layover, and exploring movie and musical landmarks.

On weekends, Brian leads music and film-focused walking tours of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. His five-star rated Goodfellas Tour of NYC was featured in the February 2019 issue of Airbnb Magazine

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How to Monetize Your Travel Blog as an Airbnb Experience Guide with Brian Cicioni

Listen to today’s episode to hear Brian’s step by step process to become an Airbnb Experience guide. He shares tips to create a good proposal for Airbnb and get started as a guide. Brian also shares how this can be a great additional source of income. 

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Brian Cicioni from I May Roam

Top Takeaways from the Podcast with Brian Cicioni:

  • How to get a speaking slot at the New York Times Travel Show.
  • How writing for other outlets has helped him land trips and build traffic to his site.
  • Importance of backlinks.
  • What Airbnb is looking for in tour guides.
  • Perks to organizing and leading Airbnb tours for travel bloggers.
  • How to choose topics for your tours.
  • How leading tours can build your blog audience.
  • The process of building a tour.
  • How to get a site seeing guide license.
  • Why you don’t need to live in a big city to start a tour.

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