The new normal for travel for visitor bureau’s, PR agencies, travel journalism, and content creators who focus on travel with CEO & President of Marketing Maven, Lindsey Carnett

About Lindsey Carnett: Lindsey was the Enterprising Women Award Winner in 2019, Top Woman in Public Relations by PR News in 2017, a FOLIO: Magazine 2015 Top Woman in Media and featured in the Forbes Most Powerful Women Business Leader issue. 

Lindsey is known to her marketing peers, clients and students for using and teaching the best practices in using PR, social media and influencer marketing to drive revenue, improve organic SEO and grow a positive online reputation.

She has appeared on a wide array of media outlets including, (NPR), The Doctors, The Jeff Probst Show, Telemundo, and local ABC, NBC and CBS morning news programs, and many others. 

Lindsey also contributes to, Natural Products INSIDER, Food and Beverage INSIDER, Electronic Retailing Magazine and Response Magazine.  

Lindsey was also my guest on episode #21 which focused on What a PR Firm is Really Looking for From Travel Writers and has so much great information for content creators who are interested in building relationships with PR and destinations. 

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Lindsey Carnett & The Future of Media Trips and Paid Campaigns For 2020-2021

Lindsey Carnett Marketing Maven

Listen to today’s episode where Lindsey and I chat about the new normal in the world of travel for visitor bureau’s, PR agencies, travel journalism, and content creators.

Because of COVID and the travel industry essentially shutting down; it has affected CVBs & DMOs and their work and relationships with PR agencies and in turn affected how content creators are working or more likely not currently working with PR agencies, CVBs and DMOs. 

To hear the full podcast click here!

More topics we chat about:

  • How content creators & PR build a bridge to help destinations and travel brands during and after this time of unprecedented non-travel. 
  • Suggestions for Content Marketing Strategies during COVID for bloggers and writers who have traditionally focused on travel. 
  • The future of media trips and paid campaigns for 2020-2021.
  • Some of her favorite things that an influencer or blogger has done on social media during one of your campaigns. 
  • Tips to stand out on social media.
  • Her advice for content creators starting at zero or recently created their social accounts.
  • Her predictions for where social media is heading in 2020-21.

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The Future of Media Trips and Paid Campaigns


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Interviewing Lindsay Carretii, episode 21

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