How to use the time blocking method and why it helps travel bloggers become more efficient and get more accomplished. Time blocking is also a great way to balance a day job with running a travel blog and all the tasks that come along with it. How to stay motivated and productive with your travel blog workflow and how to balance time and energy between projects and specific items like writing, social media, collabs, and email marketing. 

About Nicole Rosania: Nicole is a recent grad student turned social media marketer, travel blogger, and podcast host. She is based in Boston, MA, but was fortunate to study abroad in college 3x and has now been to more than 35 countries! She is a self-confessed side hustler and when not at her day job, works on her travel website, The Abroad Blog and her podcast, The Abroad Pod.

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Using the Time Blocking Method for Travel Bloggers with Nicole Rosania

Nicole Rosania with The Abroad Blog

Show focus: Time blocking for Bloggers. How travel bloggers can use time blocking as a way to balance time and energy between projects and specific items like writing, social media, collabs, email marketing, and your podcast.

Listen to today’s episode where Nicole and I chat about creating balance and setting priorities by using the method of time blocking. We also chat about her daily and weekly routines for time blocking, creating a routine, and the bigger context of discipline for finishing tasks. Because just like with anything in life, it’s the follow-thru that matters. This show is all about how to stay motivated and productive with your workflow. 

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Details from the Time Blocking Method Podcast Conversation with Nicole:

Nicole Rosania blogger

  • How to manage a side hustle with a full-time job.
  • How to use time blocking to focus on one task at a time to become more productive.
  • The organization of a time blocking schedule. How to separate or create buckets for each area that needs attention & time.
  • How to break down the work for a travel website or podcast into smaller chunks so it’s organized and gets done. 
  • How to prioritize time blocks. 
  • The benefits to time blocking vs simply creating a to-do list.
  • How often you should re-prioritize or re-organize your time blocking schedule.
  • Strategies if something comes up that isn’t time blocked.
  • Creating balance by setting priorities and creating a routine.
  • You can spend time creating time blocks, but if you don’t actually follow the schedule, you won’t be successful.
  • Why this is about mindset and choice.
  • Why it’s not always about wanting to follow the time blocking schedule but choosing to follow the schedule.
  • An example of Nicole’s blocked schedule for the week.
  • The biggest benefit to having a schedule that is time blocked.
  • How to use color coding in Google Calendar to organize.
  • Why time blocking makes you feel more productive.
  • Why you should write every task down that you need to accomplish.

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How to use the time blocking method and why it helps travel bloggers become more efficient and get more accomplished.


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