How to stay productive as a travel writer or travel blogger without burning out. Time management is essential to stay on track and productive. How to write books, run websites, and work a day job and still feeling creative. Why you need one routine for the road (during media trips and travel) and another at home. Understand burnout syndrome and why travel writers are especially are prone to burnout.

About Chantae Reden: Chantae is a full-time travel writer and blogger with a wide variety of travel projects. She is the author of Moon Bali & Lombok guidebook published by Moon Travel Guides, an editor at Skyscanner, a freelance travel writer with articles that have appeared in numerous publications like Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet, and Boating Magazine, and runs several blogs.

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How to Avoid Travel Writer Burnout with Chantae Reden

Chantae Reden

Show focus: How to Avoid Travel Writer Burnout with Chantae Reden. Best strategies for bloggers to stay creative and energetic. Also, learn the top tips & tools for combatting burnout.

Listen to today’s episode where Chantae and I chat about why travel writers and bloggers are prone to burnout and the best ways to avoid it! Chantea explains that because travel and/or writing is a passion for most travel writers and when coupling this passion with your income it can become overwhelming. This show is all about how to stay motivated and productive and avoid burnout. 

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Details About Avoiding Travel Writer Burnout

Stemming from a lack of work/life balance and pressure to keep multiple income streams, publish all the time, etc burnout is a big factor for many travel writers and bloggers. Because creativity is often wrapped with the personal identity of a content creator burnout and overwhelm can be easily triggered.

  • How to manage a side hustle with a full-time job.
  • How not to burn out as a travel writer or travel blogger
  • The strategies Chantae uses to stay creative and energetic.
  • The definition of burnout.
  • Why travel writers are prone to burnout.

Top tips & tools for Combatting burnout

  • Break up larger tasks and projects into small and manageable tasks.
  • Use Notion to keep master to-do lists and process thoughts.
  • Have a non-work goal or hobby– like fitness, cooking, knitting, socializing etc. that you can separate from your work time and treat this with utmost importance. This can lead to bigger and better ideas.
  • Focus on things that are essential, cut out things that aren’t. If you cannot cut out some tasks you hate doing, outsource or do them in bulk. For example, there’s no need to go ‘all in’ on every single social platform. These strategies can help travel writers be more creative and have the energy to take down massive projects — like writing a book, running a blog/youtube channel etc. 
  • Do something for yourself early in the day, so you don’t feel itchy to get away from your desk in the afternoon.
  • Take short breaks throughout the day.
  • Don’t eat meals at your computer.
  • How to dig yourself out of burnout mode if you’re in it.
  • Why taking a break or stepping back can benefit you.
  • Have an “on the road” travel writing routine and “at home” routine and try to stick to them. This helps combat decision fatigue (decision fatigue can lead to burnout).

Example “On the road” general routine:

Sightsee must-visit places before 11 am, break for lunch & take quick notes, unstructured wandering time, organize notes before bed and tick of major to-dos. Avoid over-planning to allow for spontaneity, where sources of stories can come from.

Example “At home” routine:

Morning routine, write without distraction, have a set time where you’ll break away from work 

More Travel Blogging Tips

  • The process to pitch a travel guide book
  • The process and timeframe to write a guide book
  • How to Pitch Skyscanner
  • What types of stories Skyscanner is looking for from freelancers
  • How to hit deadlines while on media trips.
  • Why slow travel is a great solution to stay on schedule with assignments (and still be able to travel).
  • How to prioritize what to work on and what isn’t worth your time & efforts.
  • Why you should outsource important tasks you don’t enjoy doing.
  • Let go of tasks that aren’t benefiting your writing or blogging.

I hope some of these great strategies from Chantae can help you be more creative and have the energy so you don’t fall into travel writer burnout mode. 

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How to Avoid Travel Writer Burnout with Chantae Reden. Best strategies for bloggers to stay creative and energetic.


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