Welcome to the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast Episode 18: How to Pitch an Editor with Bruce Anderson from Sunset Magazine

Bruce is the Editor at Large for Sunset magazine. Previous to Sunset magazine he was editor in chief of VIA, a bimonthly travel magazine for 12 years. He was a reporter for Sports Illustrated for 10 years and has written for other publications including GQ, Life, The Saturday Evening Post and Smithsonian. He was the writer and co-producer of an Emmy-nominated documentary on Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams for ABC Sports.

Bruce playing Santa.

Bruce playing Santa.

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On Episode 18: How to Pitch an Editor with Bruce Anderson from Sunset Magazine

Find out what defines good writing, why it’s important to showcase people in your travel writing and why you shouldn’t get fixated on the wordsmithing  on the 18th episode of Break Into Travel Writing.

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • What makes for good writing also makes for good travel writing.
  • Why Bruce looks for writers who happen to travel rather than travelers who happen to write.
  • Why it’s important to showcase people in your writing; quotes, citations, photos.
  • Don’t get fixated on the wordsmithing to the point of neglecting good thinking and analysis.
  • Remember to seize on the telling details instead of burying the details.
  • Why as a writer you must be able to discern the telling details.
  • Why you need to have discipline not to love every sentence you write.
  • As a writer you must have the ability and willingness to cut.
  • Don’t let your story go to soon. Be willing to write multiple drafts.
  • His two favorite ways to edit a draft.
  • Bruce’s tips for writing the first paragraph.
  • Why you should not overlook the exit (last paragraph) of your piece.
  • What many travel articles are missing.
  • Why you should be careful if you are the photographer and the writer.
  • Tips for meaningful interviews.
  • How an editor at Sunset Magazine prepares for print.
  • And loads more!There’s plenty more Bruce shares including ‘why you need to have discipline not to love every sentence you write‘ and how to establish a relationship with an editor. Have a listen to get the inside scoop and find out what makes for good travel writing from Sunset Editor-at-Large, Bruce Anderson! Below are some great tips for pitching an editor!
  • Why Sunset Magazine is built around assignments and not freelance submissions.
  • How to pitch an editor at Sunset Magazine.
  • How to become a writer at Sunset Magazine.
  • What to include in your pitch.
  • The importance of thinking of the full context of a piece when pitching a story.
  • Bruce’s definition of the highest form of travel writing.
  • What anthology you need to read if you want to explore travel writing.
  • How to improve your writing skills
  • Why reading really good travel writing can rewire your brain.
  • Why you need to find your Red Smith.
  • The importance of editing other people’s work.
  • The process for a writer after they have been given an assignment at Sunset Magazine.
  • Fact checking protocol.
  • How to impress Bruce.
  • What constitutes perfect editing.

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People Mentioned on this episode:
Peggy Northrup, Editor-in-Chief of Sunset Magazine
Sara Schneider, Wine editor of Sunset Magazine
Margo True, Food editor of Sunset Magazine
Kathy Brenzel, Garden Editor of Sunset Magazine
Peter Fish, Travel Editor of Sunset Magazine
Tom Story, Photographer at Sunset Magazine
William Zinsser, Author of On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction
John Flinn
Red Smith

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Hope you enjoyed this episode and please join me in thanking Bruce for being here! And thank you as well. We’ll see you next time!

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How to Pitch an Editor with Bruce Anderson from Sunset Magazine

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