How Travel Bloggers Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Understanding affiliate marketing can help you create a revenue stream from your website, email, and social media. Learning how to implement affiliate links in the articles that have the best chance to convert to affiliate income is a must if [...]

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16 Tips How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – Episode 175

16 guest tips from travel bloggers who share how to make money with affiliate marketing. Each tip shares how to earn your first $100 with affiliate marketing. This episode is part of the "Travel Blogging Quick Tips Podcast Series". Starting [...]

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BITW 164: Affiliate and Instagram Strategies with Mike Clegg

How to build a successful Instagram account and strategies to monetize a travel website.  About Mike: Mike Clegg is a London-based travel blogger and photographer with a 9-5 job as a web developer. He has traveled to over 40 countries [...]

Best Hotels + Airbnb Affiliate Program for Travel Bloggers

Stay22: Best Hotels + Airbnb Affiliate Program for Travel Bloggers My affiliate link to the Stay22 Hotels + Airbnb Affiliate program is included in this article. I would be extremely grateful if you would use this link to sign up [...]

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How to Make Money from a Travel Blog using Affiliate Links

When I started my travel website, 52 Perfect Days in 2008, I initially made money from Adsense, selling links, and selling ad space on the site. To put this into perspective; when I started 52 Perfect Days, there was no [...]

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BITW 158: How Travel Bloggers Can Monetize a Website With TravelPayouts Affiliate Network

How travel bloggers and writers can monetize a website by working with the TravelPayouts Affiliate Network with Tatiana Buyanova, the Head of Business Development & Partner Relations at Travelpayouts. About TravelPayouts: Travelpayouts is a global integrated affiliate network focused exclusively [...]

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BITW 138: Monetizing Your Travel Blog with the Intrepid Tour Affiliate Program

Today’s show focuses on how travel bloggers can succeed by working as an affiliate partner with tour companies.  Libby Shabada & Jonny Geese share the best way to build affiliate income with Intrepid Tours. Libby is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Intrepid [...]

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BITW 085: Maximizing Your Affiliate Strategy with Orr Shakked of TripAdvisor

Orr Shakked runs the global online marketing team at TripAdvisor. His team is responsible for display advertising, social marketing, direct partnerships, and the affiliate channel. He is a travel industry veteran, and in addition to TripAdvisor, he spent 8 years at [...]

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