BITW 139: How to Build Authority as a Travel Writer with Gary Arndt (Part 1)

Today's interview is with awarding winning blogger and travel photographer, Gary Arndt. Gary's blog, Everything Everywhere is considered one of the most popular travel blogs in the world. Gary is also the host of the Global Travel Conspiracy podcast and Co-host of [...]

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BITW 138: Monetizing Your Travel Blog with the Intrepid Tour Affiliate Program

Today’s show focuses on how travel bloggers can succeed by working as an affiliate partner with tour companies.  Libby Shabada & Jonny Geese share the best way to build affiliate income with Intrepid Tours. Libby is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Intrepid [...]

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BITW 137: How to Pitch an Editor with Travel Writer Betsi Hill

Today's interview with Travel Writer Betsi Hill focuses on what travel writers and travel bloggers can expect when working with editors & website owners. Besti also shares her 5-step process to editing an article and great tips for how to pitch [...]

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BITW 135: Top Takeaways from Nomadic Matt’s TravelCon Conference

Today's show is going to focus on my top takeaways and lessons learned during the TravelCon conference as well as top takeaways from several of the attendees. Get ready, because there will be a lot of tips you can implement [...]

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BITW 134: 2018 Travel Media Showcase Niagara Falls & 1000 Islands Media Trip

Today’s show is all about my experience at the 2018 Travel Media Showcase in Niagara Falls & media trip to Oswego & 1000 Islands, New York. Join me as I share how to get a coveted ticket to the Travel [...]

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BITW 133: How to Work with 8 Tourism Boards to Plan a Summer Road Trip

Today’s show is all about my summer road trip and how I worked with eight tourism boards to make this trip happen. This road trip included two college tours, stopping in to see one of my best friends, a 30-person family reunion, and [...]

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BITW 132: Pinterest for Travel Bloggers with Melissa Megginson from Tailwind

My guest today is Melissa Megginson of Tailwind (a Pinterest partner tool). Melissa is a social media expert and specializes in content creation, social media, blogging, PR outreach and all things marketing. This is Melissa's second time on the Break into [...]

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BITW 131: How to Collaborate with Brands and Build Partnerships with Caz Makepeace

Caroline (Caz) Makepeace is the co-founder of, one of the world's biggest travel blogs. Caz and yTravel, have been featured by publications such as Lonely Planet, The Today Show, Forbes, Travel & Leisure and Cheddar TV. yTravel has partnered with some [...]

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BITW 130: 2018 Travel Writer’s Academy Baja California Media Trip Part 3

Today’s podcast is part three of a three-night / four-day Travel Writer’s Academy media trip to Baja California where we visited Tijuana, Las Playas de Tijuana, Rosarito,  Ojos Negros, Ensenada and Baja’s Wine Route; Guadalupe Valley (also known as Valle de [...]

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