BITW 159: How Bloggers Can Create a Pinterest Traffic Avalanche with Kate Storm

Learn the steps to take to build your Pinterest audience and top tips for those starting out on Pinterest from a travel blogger who currently has 1.9 millions monthly viewers on Pinterest. About Kate Storm: Kate spent more than 4 [...]

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BITW 158: How Travel Bloggers Can Monetize a Website With TravelPayouts Affiliate Network

How travel bloggers and writers can monetize a website by working with the TravelPayouts Affiliate Network with Tatiana Buyanova, the Head of Business Development & Partner Relations at Travelpayouts. About TravelPayouts: Travelpayouts is a global integrated affiliate network focused exclusively [...]

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BITW 157: Lindsey Carnett & The Future of Media Trips and Paid Campaigns

The new normal for travel for visitor bureau’s, PR agencies, travel journalism, and content creators who focus on travel with CEO & President of Marketing Maven, Lindsey Carnett About Lindsey Carnett: Lindsey was the Enterprising Women Award Winner in 2019, [...]

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BITW 156: Important Google Updates for Travel Bloggers with George Nguyen

Important Google Updates for Travel Bloggers, SEO tips for the proper way to link out from your website to other sites, the truth about domain authority (DA) and what code you need to use when working with sponsored posts with [...]

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BITW 155: 25 Travel Blogging Tips for New Travel Writers and Bloggers

25 Travel Writers and Bloggers share their top tip for new travel writers and bloggers on this episode of the Break into Travel Writing Podcast. This podcast shares 25 great travel blogging and writing tips. These are "top tip geared [...]

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BITW 154: How to Create A Travel Blog with Passive Income with Sharon Gourlay

Set yourself up to earn a full-time income with a travel blog. Build Traffic, Monetize, & Create Passive Income for travel bloggers with Sharon Gourlay. Best practices to become a successful travel blogger. This podcast interview with Sharon Gourlay focuses [...]

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BITW 153: The Importance of an Accountability Partner with Tanya Shelburne

This podcast focuses on the importance of developing an accountability partner as well as the importance of connecting with others in the blogging community.  Learn how an accountability partner can help you grow your blog. My guest today is Tanya [...]

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BITW 152: How Travel Writer’s Can Work With The Israel Ministry of Tourism

Learn about the vetting process for including travel journalists on hosted trips to Isreal, and what a journalist can expect when going on a fully paid hosted media trip with the Israel Ministry of Tourism. About today's guest, Dana Shemesh: [...]

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BITW 151: Croatia Advent Market & Winter Media Trip Review with Diana Skara Becevello

My guest today is Diana Skara Becevello from Diana's Healthy Living. Diana and I recently returned from a media trip to Croatia where we visited the Advent Market in Zagreb, several seaside towns, medieval villages, and the delicious foods. To subscribe [...]

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BITW 150: 11 Keys To Long-term Success As a Travel Writing Freelancer with Rachel Cavanaugh (Part 2)

My guest today is Rachel Cavanaugh.  This is part two of our conversation about the 11 Keys To Long-term Success As A Freelance Travel Writer. We chat about getting over perfectionism when writing, how to write faster and prioritize your [...]

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