BITW 114: How To Travel Full Time (and make money) with John and Heather Widmer

Heather & John Widmer from Roaming Around The World ditched their corporate jobs and sold most of their possessions to take a 1-year trip around the world. This 1-year trip has evolved into a lifestyle of non-stop travel.  They have [...]

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BITW 113: Ukrainian Travel Expert Vincent Rees of Cobblestone Freeway Tours

Vincent Rees is an expert in Ukrainian dance, art, and culture. In 1992 he joined the world renowned Ukrainian Shumka Dancers. In 2007, his interest in Ukrainian dance and culture lead him to complete a masters’ degree in Ukrainian Folklore from the [...]

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BITW 112: Ask Alexa & What Not to Do on a Press Trip

Today’s episode focuses on four travel blogger questions. Questions focus on working with tourism boards, how to get paid to work with a tourism board, how to land sponsored posts, a travel blogger tax question and one about the process of [...]

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BITW 111: Do It Yourself Media Trips to Yuma and Phoenix, Arizona

Today's episode focuses on two media trips I recently planned. I consider these 'do it yourself media trips'. I worked directly with Yuma, Arizona Tourism, and Phoenix, Arizona Tourism to create two family based media trips, but planned a lot of [...]

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BITW 110: How to Find Unique Travel Stories with Joe Baur

Joe Baur is an American travel author, writer, filmmaker and podcaster whose work has appeared in a variety of domestic and international outlets, including Matador Network, BBC Travel, Viator, and He’s the man behind the mic for the Without A [...]

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BITW 109: SEO for Travel Bloggers with Dan Bagby

Dan Bagby has worked in digital marketing for the past 8 years focusing mostly on SEO.  In today's episode, Dan shares his top SEO for Travel Bloggers. He has worked on dozens of websites, ranging from brand new sites to established sites [...]

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BITW 108: How to Get Huge Traffic from Flipboard with Meg Jerrard

Megan Jerrard is a travel writer & freelance journalist, as well as a consultant for Social Media Marketing, Websites & Professional Blogging. She runs a niche adventure travel blog called MappingMegan with a focus on outdoor adventure and personal evolution through [...]

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BITW 106: Increase Your Website Traffic Day 5 [Challenge]

Today is the final day of the 5-Day Free Website Challenge. Are you ready to continue to increase traffic to your travel website? This 5-day challenge will help you increase your website traffic to your travel blog. Today we are diving [...]

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