BITW 166: How to Avoid Travel Writer Burnout with Chantae Reden

How to stay productive as a travel writer or travel blogger without burning out. Time management is essential to stay on track and productive. How to write books, run websites, and work a day job and still feeling creative. Why [...]

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BITW 164: Affiliate and Instagram Strategies with Mike Clegg

How to build a successful Instagram account and strategies to monetize a travel website.  About Mike: Mike Clegg is a London-based travel blogger and photographer with a 9-5 job as a web developer. He has traveled to over 40 countries [...]

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BITW 162: Using the Time Blocking Method with Nicole Rosania

How to use the time blocking method and why it helps travel bloggers become more efficient and get more accomplished. Time blocking is also a great way to balance a day job with running a travel blog and all the [...]

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BITW 160: 2021, Emergency Surgery, Kansas City and Blog Goals

My crazy end to 2020, my first flight since covid, how I ended up in the hospital during the holidays, why I'm still in Kansas City, and the 2021 plan for the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast. Oh, and the [...]

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BITW 159: How Bloggers Can Create a Pinterest Traffic Avalanche with Kate Storm

Learn the steps to take to build your Pinterest audience and top tips for those starting out on Pinterest from a travel blogger who currently has 1.9 millions monthly viewers on Pinterest. About Kate Storm: Kate spent more than 4 [...]

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BITW 158: How Travel Bloggers Can Monetize a Website With TravelPayouts Affiliate Network

How travel bloggers and writers can monetize a website by working with the TravelPayouts Affiliate Network with Tatiana Buyanova, the Head of Business Development & Partner Relations at Travelpayouts. About TravelPayouts: Travelpayouts is a global integrated affiliate network focused exclusively [...]

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