9 Tips How to Start an Article with a Great Lede – Episode 172

9 tips from travel bloggers who share how to write a great first sentence for a blog article. If you struggle with how to start an article with a great lede (intro, paragraph) to hook a reader to so they [...]

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How to Monetize A Travel Blog with Newor Media Ad Network – Episode 171

This podcast and article focus on how travel bloggers can monetize their websites by joining the Newor Media ad management service and why it’s the best ad network choice for travel bloggers.  This article and podcast episode is sponsored by [...]

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Launch a Travel Blogging Career – Day 5 Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas – Episode 170

It's day five of the free travel blogging course based on my newly revised (for 2021) E-book entitled 30 Days to Launch a Travel Blogging or Writing Career. This episode shares tips to help you create the habits to be [...]

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BITW 169: How to Start a Travel Blog Today!

Interested in getting paid to travel? Today on the Break Into Travel Writing podcast, I talk with nine established, successful travel bloggers about how to start a travel blog. These bloggers share actionable, easy-to-implement tips that will help you start your [...]

BITW 168: Marketing a Blog & Facebook Ads with Amanda O’Brien

Marketing a Blog & Facebook Ads with Amanda O'Brien. This podcast is jam-packed with tips to grow web traffic as well as grow an audience for a blog. This podcast shares an awesome 5 Point Checklist for Marketing a Blog. Amanda [...]

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BITW 166: How to Avoid Travel Writer Burnout with Chantae Reden

How to stay productive as a travel writer or travel blogger without burning out. Time management is essential to stay on track and productive. How to write books, run websites, and work a day job and still feeling creative. Why [...]

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BITW 164: Affiliate and Instagram Strategies with Mike Clegg

How to build a successful Instagram account and strategies to monetize a travel website.  About Mike: Mike Clegg is a London-based travel blogger and photographer with a 9-5 job as a web developer. He has traveled to over 40 countries [...]

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