How to Create Blogger Media Kits | Episode 190

How to create blogger media kits. Learn why you need a media kit as a travel blogger, how to make one and what needs to be included. As a travel blogger, creating a media kit is necessary. This podcast and [...]

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BITW 169: How to Start a Travel Blog Today!

Interested in getting paid to travel? Today on the Break Into Travel Writing podcast, I talk with nine established, successful travel bloggers about how to start a travel blog. These bloggers share actionable, easy-to-implement tips that will help you start your [...]

The Importance of Choosing a Travel Blog Niche

Guest Post from Victoria Philpott from Day Out in England  Like in teaching, passion can be the difference between a great blogger and an average one. You need to be super passionate about your blogging niche. You need to be [...]

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What Success Really Means for Travel Bloggers

Guest Post from Jamie Italiane What Success Really Means To answer this question, I am going to share my blogging journey. I am Jamie from The Daily Adventures of Me, a forty-five-year-old married mother of three boys, owner of my [...]

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How to Write Faster | for Travel Writers and Bloggers

How to Write Faster Guest Post from Rachel Cavanaugh If you’re going to be a travel blogger, you need to be able to write fast—there’s a high volume of content that needs to get out the door and if you’re [...]

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