Hi, I’m Alexa Meisler. I’m a wife, mother, traveler, writer, photographer, podcaster, and social media strategist. I’m a gluten-free foodie, lover of wine (especially cabernet and bold reds), a tennis fan, and devotee of Kundalini yoga.

Alexa in Kansas

I started the Break Into Travel Writing Podcast in December of 2014 and now have over 175 podcast episodes and 500,000+ downloads.

I also run the website, 52perfectdays.com which launched in 2008 and has over 800 articles about how to spend a perfect day in locations around the world, and recently launched the website, Travel in Missouri.

My goal with the Break Into Travel Writing website is to help anyone with a passion for travel and a desire to share their story learn how to become a travel writer, travel blogger or lifestyle blogger. Through the podcast and this website I share my own journey from freelance writer to travel blogger as well as tips from other experts to make the journey easier and faster.

I’ve created a media kit and rate card to share all the fun facts and opportunities to partner with me on the Break into Travel Writing Platform. If you’d like a copy or want to chat about collaborating please email me at alexa@breakintotravelwriting.com.

If you would benefit from getting your destination, service or product in front of over 6,000 lifestyle, food, wine, and travel bloggers please reach out!

Who I Work With

I love to work with businesses and brands that help writers and bloggers. This can include services for SEO or social media, products geared towards bloggers, CVBs who want to promote their destination or a media trip, affiliate marketing platforms, ad networks and influencer networks. If I didn’t mention your type of business, but you think we’d be a great fit to work together, please email me at alexa@breakintotravelwriting.com.

  • I have worked with destinations to create media trips to help promote hotels and locations with lots of fun reports to back up our ROI.
  • I have worked with influencer networks and affiliate programs to build brand awareness and drive sign-ups for the platforms.
  • I have created courses featuring affiliate networks to teach my followers how to be successful with affiliate marketing.
  • I have worked with travel clothing brands to increase their affiliate partners.
  • I have worked as a brand ambassador and spoken as a representative at conferences.
  • I have worked with affiliate networks and co-hosted webinars to drive platform sign-ups and usage of the network.

travel writers academy mastermind

How We Can Work Together!

  • Sponsored Podcast Episode (commercial during podcast)
  • Featured Podcast Episode (entire episode features your destination, product, or service)
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Social Media Blitz
  • Featured in my Email Newsletter
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Product or Service Reviews
  • Organize a Media Trip

Most Popular Collaboration Opportunities

Email Newsletter

If you’d like to get your brand, service, product, destination, media trip, affiliate marketing platform (or anything else that would help a writer or blogger) in front of over 6,000 bloggers this is a great option! You can be featured in one newsletter or several. (Options are good!)

Sponsor a Podcast Episode

My podcast has had more than 500,000 downloads. That means my episodes have been listened to more than a half-million times! I’d love to share your brand, service, product, destination, media trip, affiliate marketing platform (or anything else that would help a writer or blogger) as a commercial on the podcast. This would put you in front of not only my podcast audience AND you’d also be included in the blog post with a link and in my email newsletter. You can be featured in one podcast or several.

Be Featured on a Podcast Episode

This podcast option features your brand/product/service/destination for the entire podcast. This is an interview-style podcast. I can interview someone who works for the brand or a super-fan or someone who is a success story.

If you’d like more information on any additional ways we can collaborate and I can showcase your brand or destination on the podcast, via email newsletter, on my blog or on social media, please reach out to me at alexa@breakintotravelwriting.com.