How to create blogger media kits. Learn why you need a media kit as a travel blogger, how to make one and what needs to be included.

As a travel blogger, creating a media kit is necessary. This podcast and blog post focuses on the best way to present a media kit to potential collaboration partners. Learn the best practices to create a media kit!

This episode is part of the “Travel Blogging Quick Tips Podcast Series“. Starting a travel blog isn’t easy and this is podcast series is here to help you navigate the way easier and faster! This episode will help you understand why you need a travel blogger media kit and what needs to be included.

Why You Need a Blogger Media Kit & How to Make One

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Blogger Media Kit example

Tips to Create a Great Blogger Media Kit

Travel Blogging Quick Tips Podcast Series

If you want to be hired for sponsored posts, campaigns, social media gigs as well as paid media trips you need a professional media kit. If you want to compete with fellow bloggers to land these brand and destination assignments you need to know how to make a media kit with the correct information.

A blog media kit allows you to share all of the essential information about your website, social media, and stats so you can easily let brands understand more about you in a quick and easy-to-read format.

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Media Kit Creation Tips from 5 Travel Writers

It’s never too late to implement good travel blogging techniques and tactics.

1. Who, What, Stats

Include in your media kit who you are, what you represent, and your results. For example;  Type of Entrepreneur, What You Cover, Social Channels, Results.

Verbiage and Stats examples of what to include in the media kit.

  • You will love working with me because I cover XYZ which aligns great with your hotel and mission.
  • I have x reach on my blog, x reach on the podcast, x on IG.
  • I have seen x growth in the last 30 days.
  • I have brought results like x engagement, x sales, x ROI working with brands like XYZ.

Make sure you cover this in your pitch letter too. You will find examples of my media kit and work via

Added insights: I have recently gotten several brand’s that comment “Wow this is the best media kit and pitch letter I have seen”.

In addition, I am getting over 50% responsiveness, and from those responding closing 50-75% depending on the type of collaboration and consulting. This has included over 5 press trips and digital consulting for an average of 2 weeks this year. Some have lasted a month or longer.

Tip From Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Creator and CEO, Katrina Julia from
Blog Niche: Lifestyle
Bio: Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Traveler, Creator + CEO of FIT Life Creation. My blog covers wellness, marketing, business, and travel to 29+ countries. Features include NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, Travel Industry Marketing Association, Travel Massive, and She’s Wanderful. Let’s #CREATEIT – life and business we love.
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2. A Media Kit Should Showcase Why

A Media Kit has two parts. Both need to clearly explain what benefits you bring to the table.

Hook the reader with your snappy, yet informative introduction in the email section that speaks first and foremost to you and your travel blog, website, or content contributor market VALUE.

Attach a one-page PDF file that speaks to your skills, your success statistics, your social media followers, and the VALUE you can add to a sponsor’s campaign. Give them an impressive, informed reason to take you on board.

Tip From Freelance Writer, Linda Kissam from
Blog Niche: Wine, Travel, Food
Bio: Linda Kissam is a 15 year+ food wine and travel writer. Informative, engaging, swirly, and fun…aptly describe me. I travel both domestically and internationally. My website immerses the reader in extraordinary wine, food, and destination experiences.
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3. Target Your Ideal Brand Partners with Your Media Kit

Your Media Kit should be targeted to your ideal brand partners. In order to do this, you need to be clear on your niche and have a good idea about the type of brands you’d like to work with.

Ask yourself the following questions about the brands you’re trying to reach: What do they stand for? What do they offer?

Then, include a section specifically for these demographics that will allow you to showcase who your ideal brand partner is and how they will benefit from working with you.

Tip From Travel Writer, Daniella Schoeman from Our Soulful Travels 
Blog Niche: Luxury Travel
Bio:  Hi, I’m Daniella Also known as the Wild Wandering Writer & the founder of Our Soulful Travels. I am an experienced luxury travel writer based in South Africa. My travel content has been published in numerous publications such as Culture Trip, DRIFT Travel Magazine, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Beau Monde Traveler, and more.
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4. Include Audience Demographics and Reach

What to include in a media kit? Include the audience demographics and reach of the publications you write for in your media kit. This will make it easier for potential partners to understand how working together can help them reach their goals.

I include this information in two sections: the publications list section that features publications I work with (that’s where I’ll put the publication’s circulation and page view numbers) and the audience section where I’ll include the demographic/psychographic profile for the publication audiences (in addition to my own audience insights from my social channels).

You can find this information by googling publication name + media kit. Most publications will have one out there that they prepare for advertisers and, with a little digging, you can access these numbers.

Tip From Travel Photographer & Writer, Yulia Denisyuk from Geniuswomxn
Blog Niche: Helping womxn get published in travel media
Bio: Yulia Denisyuk is an award-winning travel photographer and writer who turned to travel journalism after working as a US Navy Sailor and a Fortune 500 brand manager. Yulia’s work appears in National Geographic Traveller, TIME, Conde Nast Traveler, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, and more. Yulia is the founder of Genius Womxn, a platform helping womxn get published in travel media.
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5. Design Your Media Kit to Show How You Can Help a Brand or Destination

My husband works in PR and one thing I’ve learned from him over the years is: “It’s NOT about me.” When creating a media kit, a lot of bloggers share info all about them. Their niche, their stats, their POV.

Instead, look at every item in your media kit and answer the question, “How do I help the brand/tourism?” Design your media kit to show how you can help THEM meet its goals.

Tip From Content Creator, Shannon Entin of The TV Traveler
Blog Niche: Travel to TV fliming locations
Bio: After visiting Alexandria from “The Walking Dead” years ago, Shannon got hooked on traveling to filming locations. Her mission is to share these locations with you, along with all the details you need to know to build a great vacation or road trip around your visit.
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Media Kit Tips

Media Kit Tips

If you ask your fellow bloggers, you’ll quickly learn that most have a professional media kit that they update regularly.  Use the below tips, templates and media kit checklists to create or update your blogger press kit.

  • 2-page media kits tend to be enough room to share basic information, stats, and a few great photos. There is no rule on how long a media kit should be. Some blogger media kits are very detailed and up to 10 pages.
  • Update your media kit on a quarterly basis with updated web and social media stats as well as any other metrics you are including.
  • Don’t forget the importance of knowing and sharing your engagement rate across your social media platforms.
  • Share your media kit as an attachment in a pdf format

Free Media Kit Template Options

Canva is my favorite tool for any kind of graphics. They offer free and pro versions of photos and templates. You can create a free media kit with their free media kit templates. Use the above tips to highlight your brand and services by designing an original media kit.

Media kit template Ideas

Head to Canva and then search for “Media Kit” to get started. Simply scroll through ready-made templates for inspiration and customize it with your information and photos.

Example 1

1 page media kit template


Example 2

black and white media kit template

Example 3

pink media kit template

pink template page 2

Example 4

green media kit template

page 2 media kit template

Blogger Media Kit Checklist

Below are some of the items you should include in your own media kit. Content creators, social media influencers, food bloggers, and travel bloggers all need a media kit and a great way to create one is with a program like Canva.

Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned professional you need an updated media kit for potential brand partners. The first time you reach out to a brand, the proper way to represent your personal brand is with a professional media kit.

A great media kit includes:

  1. Blog name
  2. Short Bio
  3. Audience demographics
  4. Social media accounts & followers
  5. Google Analytics for your travel website including page views and sessions.
  6. Engagement rates for your social accounts, social posts, and any other relevant accounts or platforms (such as video or podcasts).
  7. Photos, Colors & Style (make it reflect your brand and your personality)
  8. Contact information. Contact details should include email address and phone number. 

Optional items to include in your media kit. These items can also be included in a larger proposal or rate sheet.

1. Past partnerships details, deliverables and stats. This can include past work with destinations or brands.
2. Collaboration opportunities and services you offer.
3. Testimonials from previous partnerships.

Blogger Media Kit Examples

Below are a few sample media kits for bloggers focusing in travel, lifestyle, food, and more. The first thing to keep in mind is to only use other bloggers’ media kits as inspiration. As writers, we know plagiarism is morally and ethically wrong. Same goes for media kits or other graphics.

Check out these awesome influencer media kit examples as inspiration and then head to Canva and create your own unique media kit. You can also create your media kit as a page on your website.

If you want to find more examples, you can head to any blogger website and check for the ‘work with me/us’ page, ‘about’ page or ‘contact’ page. It’s usually in the upper navigation or footer. Some bloggers include their media kits on their website and others will share an email to contact them for a copy of the media kit.

Foodie & Wine Lover 

Eno Bytes

Practical Wanderlust 

La Jolla Mom

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5 Tips to Create a Great Travel Blogger Media Kit. How to create blogger media kits. Learn why you need a media kit as a travel blogger, how to make one and what needs to be included. 


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