Today’s guest is the Global Community Manager for travel massive–the organization that connects thousands of travel insiders to meet, learn and collaborate at free events all around the world. Erika Helstrom Broke into the travel world as a tour guide in San Francisco. This position turned into a promotion to operations manager working with their tours to Yosemite and the wine country. After a few years she decided to follow her dream of an around the world trip and took 6 months off to travel. While trekking in Nepal she landed her next job with the adventure travel company, Zephyr.

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The Details of Episode 23 with Erika Helstrom! She shares ………..

  • Her solo RTW trip that includes visiting 6 countries in 6 months.
  • Why she traveled solo.
  • What her 6 month trip cost.
  • The best way to research long term travel.
  • Why its important to find expat communities when traveling.
  • Why the less you plan will offer more adventure and a more interesting trip.
  • When you know what drives you and yo focus, you can accomplish anything.

Erika also shares her insights about Travel Massive and about why it is an authentic way to connect with people that work in the travel industry in your city. She also shares why Travel Massive is all about community and if you want to connect and network in the travel industry, Travel Massive is the place to go. Some of the main points we discuss are:

  • The history of Travel Massive & why events are always free.
  • How to use Travel Massive to find other bloggers in cities you are traveling.
  • How to connect and collaborate with the 5200 industry pro’s signed up with Travel Massive.
  • Travel Massive is currently in 85 cities and is always growing.
  • How to start your own Travel Massive chapter.
  • Why becoming a Travel Massive leader puts you in a place of leadership in your travel community.
  • Why travelers have shifted from reading guidebooks to reading travel blogs for their research.
  • If you jump on the travel blogging train, why you better know your niche.
  • Why Tbex is a great place to jumpstart your travel writing and for networking.
  • How and why to book a coffee date for follow up after meeting someone at a Travel Massive event.
  • How to get clear on motivation and determine how ambitious you are willing to be for what you want.

Episode Resources
How to Start a Travel Massive Chapter
ITB Berlin
Women in Travel Summit in Boston
New York Travel Fest
Travel Blog Success
Blog World / New Media Expo
Women in Travel Expo in Irvine (2016)
Traverse Conference in the U.K.
Book Passage
Eye For Travel in San Francisco
E Tourism Summit

Travel Massive Groups Mentioned
New York
San Francisco
Cape Town

People Mentioned on this episode:
Ann Flower
Ian Cumming
Beth Santos
Michael Ball

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Erika Helstrom on Twitter
Travel Massive Website
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Connect with Break Into Travel Writing
The Aspiring Travel Writer, the Facebook group

Hope you enjoyed this episode and please join me in thanking Dan for being here! And thank you as well. We’ll see you next time!

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Episode interviewing Erika Helstrom