Want to be a featured guest on Break Into Travel Writing Podcast?

I’m looking for guests that can share their experience and expertise with my audience of travel/lifestyle writers and bloggers. I’m interested in talking with bloggers, writers, PR & marketing reps, brand managers, tourism boards, and reps for tools that make a bloggers life easier (scheduling tools, apps, email marketing, etc).

I’m scheduling interviews for my podcast that you can find on Itunes (and currently receives 12,000 downloads per month).

About the Interview: All interviews are audio only and recorded via Skype.  Most interviews run between 30-60 minutes. They are fun and easy! You will be a featured guest on my travel podcast (12k monthly downloads), featured on a post on my blog (including links to your website and social accounts), featured on my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This is long term exposure.

Step 1: Pick a Topic

Below find some of the topics I’m looking for (or feel free to pitch me a subject you’d like to chat about that focuses on any aspect of becoming a successful travel blogger/writer).

  • Productivity (how to set and achieve goals. how not to fall down rabbit holes)
  • Writing a killer first paragraph for a blog post (tools and tips to storytelling)
  • Writing great article titles that also drive traffic via SEO
  • Why bloggers should shift to storytelling (and away from me, me, me posts)
  • Social Media (overview of the platforms that are worth it and those that aren’t for 2020)
  • Social Media (pick your platform and share what is and isn’t working for 2020)
  • Success Stories (how you went from day one to today. can be focused on traffic, monetizing, brand partnerships, etc).
  • How to succeed with an Affiliate. (focus on how to create a stream of income by focusing on less affiliate relationships — so they truly make money)
  • Best types of articles to write to convert for affiliate sales
  • Youtube / Video (how to build a Youtube audience for those just starting out)
  • Youtube / Video (the easiest way to start creating & editing video)
  • Monetizing your blog (what specific stream of income works for your blog)
  • Sponsored Posts (how to get your foot in the door and begin landing sponsored posts)
  • Building an audience (mindset & tips to shift from building traffic to building an audience)
  • How you turned your blog into a business (shifting from blogging as a hobby to building your blog into your income source)
  • Building relationships with Brands
  • What brands are really looking for when working with a blogger/influencer/writer
  • Building relationships with PR
  • What PR agencies are really looking for when working with a blogger/influencer/writer
  • Building relationships with Tourism Boards
  • What tourism boards are really looking for when working with a blogger/influencer/writer

Note: The above are simply suggestions. Please feel free to pitch me topics beyond what is listed above.

Step 2: Contact Me

Email me at alexa at breakintotravelwriting . com with the subject line: Podcast Guest and share the following:

  • The topic you’d like to talk about
  • Your blog or business name & URL
  • Your title (blogger, PR Rep, Tourism Exec, etc)
  • A few sentences about your experience and/or expertise on the topic