Welcome to the 10 Day Travel Writing Challenge: Food Writing Challenge for Travel Writers and Bloggers!

It’s our 3rd #WritetoTravel Challenge for travel writers, bloggers and photographers!  What better way to get started on your travel writing career than to get proactive and join me in the 3rd “Write to Travel” Challenge! The theme of this challenge is “Food Writing”.

Do you want to add food reviews to your blog or website?
Do you want to write food roundups, brewery or winery reviews for other blogs, websites or for print publications?
Do you want to be able to visit restaurants, wineries and breweries for free in exchange for a review?
Do you want to write your first foodie blog post?


From July 15- 24 take one new step daily to write an article focusing on food, wine, beer or anything you consume! When you finish each step, post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to let us know and use the hashtag #writetotravel to share with your fellow Travel Writers. Follow me on InstagramFacebook, Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter for all the updates!

Most of all: Sign Up & Have fun with it!!

If you answered YES to any of the above, just sign up below and together we’ll focus on food writing for 10 days!

Prizes? Why yes there are!

1. Donna Meyer from NomadWomen, who has been a professional writer and editor for over 30 years will be editing bits and pieces of your articles as we move through the challenge. Keep up with the challenge, on social media and using our hashtag #writetotravel to be in the running!

2. Donna will also be editing one winners entire article! That is BIG!!

3. One FREE 60 day membership to my Travel Writers Academy for the most active participant in the challenge. All you need to do is use the hashtag #writetotravel in the comment section of each of your social media posts for the next 10 days and show up in the Facebook Group or Break Into Travel Writing page and write your article. Easy, right??

4. I’ll also be giving away 3 of my brand new “Travel for Free T-shirts”!! Yeah!

Questions? Success? Inspiration? Share in the comments below.

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