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Blogger Opportunities, Travel Opportunities & Travel Writer Jobs for Friday, July 29, 2022

Media Trips, Paying Freelance Gigs, Travel Blogging Courses, Affiliate Opportunities! Many of the below I find throughout the week on Facebook, in PR emails and some are sent directly to me as a request to share (so using my name in many cases, won’t get you further in the process 🙂

Please read all thoroughly before you take the next step to apply.

1. Chattanooga, Tenn (Media Contact)

The Chattanooga Tourism Co. works with travel writers and bloggers to inspire people to visit and connect them with authentic Chattanooga experiences. The 700+ Tourism Co. partners represent a variety of industries, including lodging, dining, food and beverage, attractions, manufacturing, finance, government, healthcare, retail, and more.

Chattanooga Tourism creates custom itineraries, arranges for accommodations, set up interviews and provides (or arrange access to) an Attractions Pass valid at many of Chattanooga’s top experiences. Assistance is provided to working media and influencers. To apply for media assistance visit this page! (JTM, so please don’t use my name as the contact, as it won’t help in getting media trips!).

2. Frase’s Awesome Update (Blogger Tools)

Are you struggling with content creation? Frase is a new AI tool that helps you research what your competitors are writing about without needing to spend 3 hours clicking around Google. Then you can use their AI Writing Assistant to generate new, creative content at the click of a button and even optimize it to rank well on search engines.

Frase is already the world’s most advanced and top-ranked AI tool for creating optimized content. Here are the new tools I am most excited about!!

  • Full Draft Generator. Build your outline out of headings from the SERP. Frase will then summarize your sections and expand them into a draft.
  • Search Results Summarizer. Automatic summaries of your search competitors’ content.
  • Article Rewriter. Rewrite an entire article with a click.

Learn more about Frase

3. Lehigh Valley, PA (Media Contact)

Just 60 minutes north of Philadelphia and 90 minutes west of New York City, Lehigh Valley is home to must-see attractions and festivals, world-class sporting events, thrilling outdoor recreation, renowned colleges and universities, and historic sites including Bethlehem, a National Historic Landmark District and nominee on the U.S. Tentative List for World Heritage Designation. Many of America’s favorite brands such as Crayola®, Peeps®, Mike & Ike®, Martin Guitars, Mack Trucks and Olympus reign from Lehigh Valley.

Discover Lehigh Valley (DLV) provides assistance to travel journalists on assignment by arranging itineraries and facilitating visits to attractions and other points of interest throughout the region that will be covered in stories, online articles, broadcast, and radio. To apply for media assistance, visit this page. (JTM, so please don’t use my name as the contact, as it won’t help in getting media trips!).

4. The 2022 International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Conference (PLUS Pre & Post FAM Trips) September 18-21

The 2022 IFWTWA Conference is September 18-21 in St. Petersburg, FL & the Break Into Travel Writing audience gets a DISCOUNT! The 3-day conference includes networking, local tours, meals and lots of great workshops including Travel Writing, Creating Engaging Destination Videos, Mastering SEO, Landing the Very Best Press Trips, Perfecting Your Pitch, and more!

Along with the conference, there will be pre-trips to Bradenton, Punta Gorda / Englewood Beaches and Orlando as well as post-trips to Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tampa. Early Bird Registration is April 18 – May 31. Learn more and sign up here! Use Code ‘BIT’ for the discount!

International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Assn

5. Stuttgart, Germany (Media Contact)

Starting this August, Stuttgart embraces its beloved festival season. This fall, no less than three enormous festivals will welcome visitors from near and far.

Festivals include the the annual wine festival at the end of August, the annual Stuttgart Beer Festival (second only to Oktoberfest in terms of size and popularity) and the Historical Folk Festival, which takes place every four years, and celebrates the founding of the beer festival.

Reach out to Victoria Larson at to be added to the Stuttgart media mailing list, to learn about upcoming media trip opportunities or to pitch her on story ideas. (JTM, so please don’t use my name as the contact, as it won’t help in getting media trips!)

6. 53 Totally Legit Travel Guest Posting Site Opportunities (some pay too!)

Are you looking for a list of travel websites that accept guest posts? Guest posting to other blogs allows you a link back to your website from the article you write. This means a “backlink” to your website. It also helps with brand awareness and domain authority! Check out all 53 sites (and the list is growing)!

7. Haunted Halloween in Tuolumne County, CA (Media Trip)

Matador Network is Seeking a Creator for a 4-day Haunted Halloween Press Trip to Tuolumne County, CA.

Tuolumne County is known for its ancient gold mining towns, world-class parks, and gourmet restaurants and wineries. On this 4-day trip, you’ll go on a ghost tour of the Columbia State Historic Park, take a Halloween-themed train ride, stay at a haunted hotel in Groveland, and indulge in the season’s coziest activities, including apple picking and a trip to the spa.

Trip Dates: October 29-November 1, 2022. Click here for more info & to apply.

8. Taiwan (Media Contact)

The readers of Global Traveler have voted Taipei, Taiwan, as the “Best Leisure Destination in Asia” and “Favorite Duty-Free Shopping in Asia” in the 2022 Leisure Lifestyle Awards. Taiwan tourism continues to be well prepared for the arrival of international tourists and will be one of the first destinations for international tourists after the opening of cross-border tourism. That means it’s a great time to pitch a media visit!

If you focus on leisure travel to Asia, unique art and culture, railway travel, bicycle travel, and Chinese language learning check out their Media Relations page or reach out to Wanda Li at Taiwan Tourism Bureau at  to be added to their media mailing list and to learn about upcoming media trip opportunities. (JTM, so please don’t use my name as the contact, as it won’t help in getting media trips!)

9. Tourscanner Freelance Writing ($)

Tourscanner is looking for one content writer who is an English native and has previous experience as a web content writer. Responsibilities include writing text for blog articles or landing pages about tourist attractions, places to visit, tours, excursions, etc. The work is flexible, but continuous, depending on your availability.

Learn more and apply!

10. Freelance Opportunity with HelpStay ($)

HelpStay is a community of people who travel with a purpose. For them, travel is all about learning, sharing and growing. They pay Euro €110 (approx. USD $125) via PayPal per published article. Writing style is very important, so make sure to review the site before you pitch. They request articles to be at least 1000 words. Click here to read their guidelines or pitch (JTM, so please don’t use my name as the contact, as it won’t help in getting the gig!)

Bonus: check out 50+ Magazines and Websites That Pay for Travel Writing


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