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Blogger Opportunities, Travel Opportunities & Travel Writer Jobs for Friday, July 1, 2022

Media Trips, Paying Freelance Gigs, Travel Blogging Courses, Affiliate Opportunities! Many of the below I find throughout the week on Facebook, in PR emails and some are sent directly to me as a request to share (so using my name in many cases, won’t get you further in the process 🙂

Please read all thoroughly before you take the next step to apply.

1. Affiliate Marketing Superstars (Blogger Course SALE)

You’re probably on my mailing list because you want to become a more successful blogger?! You may have tried affiliate marketing already but found no one was clicking on your links, let alone buying through them?! 

This was the case for me when I first started. I knew affiliate marketing was lucrative, it’s just that I couldn’t make it work for me. But I was determined to find a strategy that worked for my blog and my audience. 

Let me introduce you to Leanne’s complete affiliate course – Affiliate Marketing Superstars! It’s everything you need to start monetizing your website effectively. Her course covers everything you will ever need to know about affiliate marketing and there are strategies that work for beginners and more advanced bloggers alike. It’s $100 OFF until the end of today with coupon PRIMEDAY. 

2. Marina del Rey, CA (Media Contact)

When you’re ready to plan L.A. beach content, add Marina del Rey to your list. L.A.’s Marina remains a coastal retreat, away from it all and less crowded than its Westside neighbors. They’re close to everything in Los Angeles — just 15 minutes north of LAX and a short drive to many of L.A.’s top attractions including SoFi Stadium, Downtown L.A. and Hollywood.

Check out their Media Relations page or reach out to the Marina del Rey Tourism Board here to be added to their media mailing list and to learn about upcoming media trip opportunities. (JTM, so please don’t use my name as the contact, as it won’t help in getting media trips!)

3. 50 Totally Legit Travel Guest Posting Site Opportunities (some pay too!)

Are you looking for a list of travel websites that accept guest posts? Guest posting to other blogs allows you a link back to your website from the article you write. This means a “backlink” to your website. It also helps with brand awareness and domain authority! Check out all 45 sites (and the list is growing)!


4. Taiwan (Media Contact)

The readers of Global Traveler have voted Taipei, Taiwan, as the “Best Leisure Destination in Asia” and “Favorite Duty-Free Shopping in Asia” in the 2022 Leisure Lifestyle Awards. Taiwan tourism continues to be well prepared for the arrival of international tourists and will be one of the first destinations for international tourists after the opening of cross-border tourism. That means it’s a great time to pitch a media visit!

If you focus on leisure travel to Asia, unique art and culture, railway travel, bicycle travel, and Chinese language learning check out their Media Relations page or reach out to Wanda Li at Taiwan Tourism Bureau at  to be added to their media mailing list and to learn about upcoming media trip opportunities. (JTM, so please don’t use my name as the contact, as it won’t help in getting media trips!)

5. How to Get More Articles on Page 1 of Google (Blogger Tip)

RankIQ optimization section allows you to update articles so they will rank higher quickly! Focus on all articles you currently have on pages 2 & 3. Copy your current text into RankIQ and it will tell you the exact words and phrases needed for it to rank on page 1!

Try RankIQ for 1 month. If you don’t love it, you can cancel, but you will have optimized 15 articles and then you can watch to see them rank higher and bring more traffic. Sign up for RankIQ with a $50 Discount + Access to their SEO Mastermind.

6. Get Paid to Review the Country‘s National Parks (Job Opp)

Calling America’s adventurers: Get paid to review the country‘s National Parks. One lucky traveler is set to embark on the ultimate adventure. Lucky lifestyle publication is offering one avid adventurer the opportunity of a lifetime to spend 18 months traveling around the U.S. reviewing the country’s 63 National Parks!

The successful candidate will be required to put their walking boots to good use and in return will be paid $200 per week plus expenses for 18 months to visit and review America’s 63 National Parks, checking out hiking trails and cycling routes, along with suitability for families and solo travelers alike.  The chosen reviewer will also receive a $500 bonus for every review submitted.

The criteria for the role are simple: Applicants must be 21 and over, fluent in English (both written and spoken), and must have an ‘adventurous spirit’! The cutoff date for applications is July 10th, 2022, with the successful candidate being selected by the end of July. Learn more and apply here

7. Travel Bookings Commerce Editor at Condé Nast (Job Opp)

Condé Nast Traveler is seeking a Travel Bookings Commerce Editor to oversee all rental bookings coverage, with a focus on Airbnb. This role requires an in-depth understanding of the e-commerce landscape, an interest in creating engaging, service driven content that drives Commerce KPIs, and experience writing about rental properties, hotels, flights, cruises, or other travel booking opportunities. This person will work closely with Traveler’s Destinations Editor and SEO analyst to create hotel coverage that is complementary to the Destinations team’s content strategy, and will manage all booking deals content (including hotels, homestays, flights, trains, and cruises).

The ideal candidate is comfortable assigning and editing stories, as well as writing commerce content as time allows. Learn more & apply here!

8. How to Pitch International Living Magazine (Freelance)

This website and monthly magazine is a comprehensive resource that helps readers find their dream retirement overseas. It wants stories from expats and anyone who can inform their readers about ways to stretch their dollars and simplify their lives.

Pay is up to $150 for website stories; print stories pay $225 for 900 words and $350 for 1,600 words, plus $50 per photo; 600-word daily postcards pay $100. Read their pitching guidelines here. 

Bonus: check out 50+ Magazines and Websites That Pay for Travel Writing

9. Please Share a Tip or Lead for Next Week’s Friday Email!

We all have a lead or tip! You might have a lead for a media trip that doesn’t fit your niche. Maybe you have a contact for a media trip or destination you already visited? Or maybe you have a contact for an outlet looking for freelancers. Maybe you have a tip for something that is working really well for you right now in social, seo, or some other facet of blogging. 

I’d absolutely love to share one of your media trip leads, freelance gigs or anything else you find useful and helpful. 

Email me at alexa at and share the tip and let me know if you’d like me to give you a shoutout with a link to your site or social account or if you’d like to have your tip be anonymous.

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Step 3: Start updating older articles with new keywords. Run them through RankIQ to see what additional keywords you can add to help them with a refresh and to rank on Google.

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Lasso WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Income – 14 Day Free Trial! 

A favorite blogging WordPress plugin for affiliate link management is Lasso. This plugin manages your links, gives you no-code product displays, and notifies you of ways to increase your affiliate revenue. Try a 14 Day FREE Trial.

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