StumbleUpon is one of the best tools for travel bloggers, travel writers and travel photographer. StumbleUpon is an amazing free resource for website traffic. If you haven’t discovered StumbleUpon yet and you are a blogger, take the time to sign up and use this bookmarking site. StumbleUpon for travel bloggers is a great way to get lots of traffic and find other great websites.

The below videos were originally created for a challenge that took place in December. Disregard any dates mentioned, but watch them for a super quick tutorial to get set up!

  • What is StumbleUpon? StumbleUpon is a discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users. It’s considered a social bookmarking network that helps you discover unique and interesting things across the Web based on interests you choose in your profile.
  • Why is StumbleUpon great for users? Every time you use StumbleUpon I guarantee you’ll find a cool new website or awesome content you haven’t seen before.
  • Why should a blogger care about StumbleUpon? The answer is website traffic.

One step and you’ll be set up and ready to Stumble.

Go to the sign up page on You can sign up by connecting via Facebook or sign up with your email, which will require your email address, a permanent user name, password and birthday.  If you used your email to sign up StumbleUpon will send a confirmation email to the provided email address.How to sign up for StumbleUpon for travel bloggersPrefer visuals? Here is a super quick 3 minute video showing how to set up StumbleUpon.

Once you have signed up you start stumbling! Here is a quick video showing how simple it is to start using StumbleUpon.

How to Stumblesumble-banner

  1. Stumble: Clicking the Stumble button automatically brings up a new page that StumbleUpon believes will interest a user based on their interests and previous ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. Each time you click on the Stumble button, it will refresh with a new page.
  2. Thumbs Up: Click the ‘thumbs up’ on the right of the Stumble button to give the content a thumbs up and recommend it to other stumblers.
  3. Thumbs down: Click this icon to the left of the Stumble button to let StumbleUpon know you don’t like the content.

Hope you found this StumbleUpon for travel bloggers set up easy and quick! Love your feedback!

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