5 travel bloggers, travel writers, and content creators share a tip to build blog traffic to a new post. Each tip shares their #1 way to get more blog traffic to new articles.

This episode is part of the “Travel Blogging Quick Tips Podcast Series”. Starting a travel blog isn’t easy and this is podcast series is here to help you navigate the way easier and faster!

It’s never too late to implement good travel blogging techniques and tactics.

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How to Get Blog Traffic to a New Post

Travel Blogging Quick Tips Podcast Series

This is podcast episode 178 and features tips from five established and successful travel bloggers focused on how to drive traffic to your blog and especially new articles.

5 Tips to Build Traffic on Blog Posts That Are New

traffic on blog

There are some essential steps to building a blog into a business. Building traffic to your travel website is a must! Below we dive into how to get traffic to new blog posts and articles.

If you want to have a successful travel blog that earns money and lands you media trips because of your traffi check out these tips from 5 established travel bloggers focused on how to get traffic to new blog posts and articles.

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1. Choose the Right Keyword for your Topic

Building traffic to a new blog post actually starts before you write it. Choosing the right keyword for your topic is the first step. Targeting a low competition keyword will help you rank in search and drive traffic once you publish the post.

If you’re writing a post about Hawaii, for example, “things to do in Maui” is a competitive keyword phrase that would be difficult to rank in search. A more specific topic like “things to do in Maui for kids” would be easier and faster to rank and gain search traffic.

Researching keywords and planning what topics to cover before you travel is a great way to make sure you see and do everything you need to cover the keyword you’re targeting. There are several SEO tools you can use to look at keyword difficulty (Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that includes this).

It will take some time for your new post to rank and start driving search traffic. So be sure to share it on social media and with your email list to gain some initial traffic.

Tip From Lisa Wells of Coastal Wandering
Blog Niche: Coastal Travel and Lifestyle
Bio: If your heart is at the beach you’re in the right place. My mission is to inspire you to bring a little of the beach life to your everyday life—whether you’re planning a vacation, cooking an easy-breezy meal or just relaxing at home.
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2. Use Pinterest Traffic Techniques

Lean into Pinterest. Pinterest for bloggers is a great traffic generator for new articles and is great for getting new traffic to your site in general. It’s a search engine that values the time and effort you take in creating a captivating and engaging pin, and not the authority of the page, like other search engines. This makes it excellent for not only new blog posts but new blogs in general.

To create eye-catching pins you can use Canva for their beautiful templates. Or, like me, you can use Tailwind Create. This is a quick and easy way to not only generate great-looking new pins based on your blog post’s URL, but it helps you schedule them as well.

The pin description is something you should focus on as much, if not more, than the design. This is how people will find you and decide if they are interested enough to click through to learn more. Make sure you have the best keywords included, as well as a great hook.

Now once you start getting that stream of new traffic from Pinterest, the authority of your blog post will increase and hopefully get you positioned in the top of other search engines as well. It’s a snowball effect that Pinterest can create for your new blog post.

Tip From Kim of Ready Aim Travel
Blog Niche:  Answering travel questions
Bio: Ready Aim Travel takes the guesswork out of traveling by answering your most pressing travel questions. Whether you want to know the best way to change your baby’s diapers on a plane, or if a travel product or service is worth it, we’ve got an answer for you.
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3. Pinterest for Bloggers

Taiss also suggests how to get blog traffic to a new post is by creating pins for the article and publish them on Pinterest twice daily. Pinterest loves fresh new pins, especially from brand new articles. Create unique pins each day and publish them using good titles and descriptions. You can see what helps rank pins by doing a search in Pinterest for the topic you have written about in your article and check the top results show.

Tip From Taiss Nowrouzi of Together To Wherever
Blog Niche: Family Travel
Bio: I share tips and itineraries for traveling around the world with your family along with extended stays and nomadic lifestyle.
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4. Facebook Groups & Trello Boards to Build Traffic to New Blog Posts

Most of my traffic-building success has come from focussing on Facebook promotion. I write about travel, history, and outdoor adventures. I started searching Facebook for every related travel group I could find that allows users to promote their own material. These include Facebook Groups for general travel, regional travel, outdoor adventures, history, RV travel, travel bloggers (like “We Travel, We Blog”), etc. I joined each relevant group and started interacting.

At the same time, I created a Trello Board for marketing. The first column is “Blog Posts” with cards for each post. These cards include the post URL and a catchy description. I can access this information at any time. The 2nd column on the board is “Marketing To Do.”

It lists all of my outdoor, history, travel and RV-related groups. The 3rd column is “Marketing Doing.” I pull the card from “to do” and keep them here as I work through them (some allow entries only on set days, like “We Travel, We Blog Friday-Free-For-All”). The final column is “Marketing Done.” As the tasks are completed, I move the cards here.

This way I can keep track of what I have done in the way of marketing for each new post. Once I’ve finished, I move all of the cards back to “Marketing To Do” and the Trello Board is ready for the next week’s post.

Megan and of course everyone listenting, I’d love you to join the original Free for All Friday on the Aspiring Travel Writer’s Facebook Group!

Tip From Megan Kopp of Time Travel Trek
Blog Niche: Active Travel
Bio: Time.Travel.Trek is a travel blog for people who like uncovering bits and pieces of the past – especially if it involves a bike, hike or paddle to get there! We inspire active travelers to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.
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5. Use Content Hubs to Build Content and Blog Traffic

I recently discovered content hubs. That is, writing several supporting posts together. This is completely different than the skyscraper technique in which you write the “most comprehensive authority” on the subject with the hope of gaining backlinks.

The hub-and-spoke method is writing a good article that answers one or two questions. Then related articles are written and linked to have the same information as the skyscraper technique but in more digestible portions. Whenever I publish an article, I plan at least 2 other related posts to link to it.

So, rather than doing the full long-form blog post of 8,000 plus words hoping to rank for 20 keywords, I may write one that is 3-6,000 words with half of those keywords. Then I’ll write 2 more articles with complementary keywords sprinkled throughout.

Then I make sure I link them with the appropriate anchor texts. This gives Google a little clue as to which article is more authoritative for its keyword.

The benefits are that it is easier to write shorter articles, you can focus more attention on one longtail keyword for each post, and more articles are more opportunities for ads and affiliates.

Tip From Steve Coffee from Maps Over Coffee
Blog Niche: Outdoor Travel
Bio: Steve has been hiking, camping, and exploring for the past 25 years with his wife Lillian. They started Maps Over Coffee to help others break into the outdoor travel lifestyle.
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