This podcast and article focus on how travel bloggers can monetize their websites by joining the Newor Media ad management service and why it’s the best ad network choice for travel bloggers. 

This article and podcast episode is sponsored by Newor Media and my guest is Megan Rafferty.

About Megan: Megan is the Operations Director and co-founder of Newor Media, a company that offers digital ad management solutions for websites. Before starting the media company, she lived a digital nomad life, traveling to over a dozen countries while working remotely as a freelance web developer.

Megan Rafferty from Newor Media

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Check out this podcast episode to learn why Newor Media should be your #1 choice for an ad network if you are a travel blogger.

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How to Monetize A Travel Blog with Newor Media with Megan Rafferty

How to Monetize A Travel Blog with Newor Media with Megan Rafferty

Show focus: How travel bloggers can monetize a website using the Newor Media management service. Learn how this media management service program works with several premium ad networks to help travel bloggers make more income. 

Listen to today’s episode where Megan and I chat about Newor Media and how website owners can earn money by signing up for their service. We talk about the requirements to sign up for the platform and why their platform earns better income for website owners. Megan also shares how she went from a web developer to co-founding Newor Media.

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Details from the Newor Media Ad Management Tool Podcast Conversation with Megan:

Details from the Newor Media Ad Management Tool Podcast Conversation with Megan

In this podcast episode Megan and I chat about:

1. How ad networks work and the benefits to the website owner.

2. Why many ad networks have traffic minimums to join.

3. Newor Media minimum session requirements.

4. Why there are minimums to join most ad networks.

4. What sets Newor Media apart from other ad networks.

5. The benefits of header bidding networks.

6. Examples of possible monthly income a blogger can earn if they sign up for Newor Media. Average monthly income for top earners at different page view amounts.

7. The top reasons bloggers should consider switching to Newor Media from another ad network.

About Newor Media Ad Network

When you sign up for Newor Media, they will reach out to you with an Insertion Order agreement that does not tie you into any long-term contract. Once signed, they will submit your site(s) for approvals to their network partners and connect them into your real-time bidding stack. From this point, you can start monetizing immediately. The entire process takes around 2-4 days.

Newor Media Philosophy: It is our job to over-deliver for website owners, and our publishers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

  • Payment terms are NET30 for all publishers.
  • Payments are made via Paypal, Payoneer or direct wire transfer.
  • Newor Media supports all standard IAB ad sizes including dynamically sized units.
  • There are no contracts with Newor Media. If you decide they aren’t awesome, you give them 24 hours’ notice.
  • They offer a fully functional reporting dashboard offering daily impressions and revenue.
  • Newor Media can place ad units directly on sites for publishers who need this option.

 If you are interested in increasing your ad revenue or start working with an ad Network, Newor Media is the company to check out. They use an algorithm in combination with header bidding to show high-quality ads which generate more earnings. 

Sound Good? Sign Up for Newor Media.

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How travel bloggers can monetize their websites by joining the Newor Media ad network. Why it’s the best ad network choice for travel bloggers. 

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