I recently interviewed Elaine Masters, co-host of San Diego Travel Massive and an award winning travel blogger. In my introduction to the episode I spoke about a website Ann Flower mentioned on episode six called Cision.  In the intro to the podcast episode with Elaine I said I’d share the process to sign with Cision and some screenshots.

To backup just a bit, Cision is a media database PR and marketing representatives use to find editors, writers and influencers and then share their brand news via press releases.  During my podcast with Ann, when she mentioned every travel writer really needs an account on Cision, I signed up and something kind of magical happened. About a week later I started receiving emails from PR reps. At first I didn’t put it together and wondered what the heck was going on, then I realized it was Cision. During the podcast introduction for Elaine’s show,  I wanted I shared what my experience has been so far. I’m going to touch on some of the keys to a good Cision profile and what you can expect if you join based on my experience.

The key with your cision profile is to fill it out as completely as possible so you are only emailed about your nitches or topics.


I’m in the process of honing in my profiles right now, because to be 100% honest I am getting emails that don’t relate to travel at all. With these emails, I am responding and letting the PR rep know I only focus on travel and tourism and ask if they have any clients in this sector. I have been able to start many email conversations and some don’t have any clients I would be interested in and others end up emailing my back with a list of their travel related clients. It’s all about getting on the right segmented list for the PR rep —  because remember many PR firms handle more than one type of client.

Here is an example –I received an email from Shara Seigle, an account supervisor at Middleton & Gendron, Eric Mower and Associates this morning about detox smoothies Stephen Coe, executive chef at Mirbeau Inn & Spa at The Pinehills in Plymouth, Mass. Has created for national nutrition month. While the spa would be on my radar for travel, the slant of the story isn’t. I emailed her back and asked she worked with any other travel or tourism clients and she emailed me back about two other properties she works with as well as a Portuguese cork accessories brand called Pelcor that has some really unique high end bags and belts. There is now a bag on the way for me to review.

I also did get several emails from PR reps that were totally inline with my niches and offered to send me items to review in the first email correspondence with them.

Cision is half the battle – which puts you on the PR lists. The second half is starting the relationship via email or phone. One other important thing to mention is that at many PR firms have reps work on a handful of clients, meaning other reps in the office might have additional clients that fit your nitche so after you’ve established a relationship with one rep ask for a list of all their travel clients and a blurb on each one.

So, if you are already established you may not want 5-10 emails from PR reps, but if you want travel gear, travel gadgets, travel clothes to review this is a great source. It’s also a great way to find out about specific destinations PR companies represent.

Yes, there is some weeding out of some emails and like I said, I’m still honing in my profile so that will hopefully alleviate some of the emails that truly don’t pertain to me or my platform. But all in all, I’ve already made some great new connections and have some really great travel clothes and gear on the way for me to review.

If you are not already signed up  head over to Cision.com. In the lower right corner you will see a link that says update media profile. When you click on this link it will take you to a page that will allow you to Update, Add Or Remove Your Media Profile. From there just fill out the fields and submit.


Direct Link to sign up with Cision: www.cision.com

I hope this resource is useful for you!



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